4 in 1 Total Health Jelly Box

4 in 1 Total Health Jelly Box

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In Vermilion Group, as health practitioners, we encourage our intellectually-challenged peers to be independent earners and offer them easy task such as packing, wrapping etc 

According to statistics from the World Bank, in Singapore, the prevalence of disabilities lies at 16.7% of our total resident population.   

For every box sold, you will not only be taking the first step in supporting us of hiring intellectually challenged people but also providing this special group of people with working opportunities.

 *The special Heart-shaped sealing sticker denotes packing by workers with special needs. 

** Each Box includes:

1) Health & Vitality Jelly (10 sachets box) : https://vermiliongrp.com/products/health-vitality-red-ginseng-supplement

2) Joint Health Jelly (10 sachets box) : https://vermiliongrp.com/products/joint-health-glucosamine-supplement

3) Digestive Health Jelly (10 sachets box) : https://vermiliongrp.com/products/digestive-health-probiotics-supplement

4) Eye Health Jelly (10 sachets box) :  https://vermiliongrp.com/products/eye-health-lutein-supplement