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Testimony on Vermilion Jelly Joint Health

If you ask me, Vermilion Jelly certainly brought a whole new way of treatment to the table of health supplements. Now we can consume supplements we need and enjoy the experience both at the same time.

I have been taking Vermilion Jelly for Joint Health just over a month to treat the pain and stiffness in the knuckles of both my hands. After faithfully taking a strip of jelly a day for 2 weeks, I clearly felt less pain during my night’s sleep and, especially, in the morning when I just wake up. Now, after more than a month, the pain has reduced considerably, particularly in the left hand. I am now considering increasing my dosage to 2 strips a day instead of 1- after all, 2 strips still falls within the maximum limit prescribed for daily consumption. I am hopeful that would expedite the process.

What appeals to me about Vermilion Jelly is their unique combination of ‘the best of the West’ and ‘the ancient wisdom of the East’. The jelly strips I took contain Glucosamine, on the one hand, and Chondroitin & Turmeric, on the other. This whole idea of fusion and synergy is very logical and innovative, not to mention fashionable and millennial.

Taste-wise, I must say I was very pleasantly surprised by the cocktail of east and west flavours what came through for me was the tangy zest of citrus except that the fruity taste and flavour did not materialise like anything close to oranges or lemons. It defies defining but is nevertheless palatable and pleasant. (Frankly, I was quite relieved that there was no hint of turmeric at all, which is one of the active ingredients. I cannot imagine popping in anything as tart as turmeric.) The supplement comes in jelly strips rather than pills capsules and that gets Vermilion Jelly a huge LIKE from me. I absolutely hate the smell of medicine in my throat and the amount of water to gush pills down can leave me bloated and nauseous.

As a user, I find the strips very friendly to use. I could carry 1 or 2 in my handbag for those days when routines are disrupted - and not worry I cannot find water to take with it. Simply tear off the strip at one end and suck in the contents. The whole experience harkens back to eating an ice popsicle-in-a- tube plastic except that this is konnyaku-like jelly in a small, compact plastic strip.

Submitted by Celina Teo
55 years Teacher, Trainer