Vermilion FAQs

  • If I am taking other supplements currently, will it clash with Vermilion?
No. Our jellies contain herbs and nutraceuticals. It should not "clash" with other supplements. However, make sure that you are not taking supplements containing the same ingredients. That way, you may be doubling up your supplement intake unknowingly. If taking medication, please consult with your medical practitioner if in doubt.

    • When do I take Vermilion jelly for optimal effect? (time of day, before/after meals)
      Red Ginseng - morning, before or after meal
      Slim - Morning, before meal 
      Joint Health - Night, before bed
      Digestive / Eye - Any time of the day

      • How long will it take before I notice its effects?
      Varies with different people. On average, our consumers feedback showed that Slim/Joint/Eye - 4weeks, Digestive - 1wk, Red Ginseng - usually on the day itself 

      • What is in these jellies exactly?
      Binder Jelly is made from seaweed. TCM herbs are all functional extract of the natural herbs. By using the extract, we are able to ensure quality and efficacy and also reducing the unpleasant taste associated with TCM herbs. We flavour our jellies with fruits / berries etc. It does not contain artificial colouring or preservatives. Our sachets are triple sealed for freshness. It does contain a small amount of sweetener to ensure that it is suitable for diabetics without compromising the taste.

      • How many calories? 
      Range from 8.8-13kCal (depending on jelly). Equivalant to 0.44%-0.65% of a woman's average daily calorie intake or 0.34%-0.52% of a man's average daily calorie intake.

      • How many should I consume a day? 
      1-2 a day. Should not exceed 2. Not that it's dangerous, it'll just be a waste as the body would not be able to absorb the goodness.

      • Can I take multiple types of jellies at the same time?
      Yes you can but wouldn't you prefer to enjoy taking them at different times? Also, some jellies work better if taken at certain times of the day

      • Is there a minimum/maximum age that should be avoiding using this product, or amount of?
      No. As long as they are old enough to chew and not choke

      • Why is the nutrition panel not stated ?
      Vermilion Jellies are classified as a health supplement in Singapore which means that the stated benefits are supported by scientific research and evidences.
      The nutritional panel is a requirement of Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) for food product but not a Health Science Authority of Singapore (HSA) requirement for supplements.
      Our jellies contain a blend of herbs and nutraceuticals that is specially formulated and crafted by our doctors. The exact proportion is a trade secret and we have signed a non disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect our recipe.