About Us

Vermilion Team Intro

Ensuring that we provide the best of both worlds, our team consists of  Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physicians.
Broadly speaking, Western medicine is based on research and evidence while TCM is centred around achieving a balance within the body and with the external environment. Combining our expertise, we have been able to amalgamate the two traditions and harness the complimentary strengths of the East and the West - thus bringing you the best of both worlds!

Our Name and Logo



Vermilion is the colour associated with health, power and vitality in China. In ancient times, cinnabar (from which Vermilion is extracted from), was used in the manufacture of the elixir of life. The rising sun motif symbolises the mix of Eastern tradition and Western innovation for a healthier you.

Company Philosophy

Your health is our business.

As doctors and TCM physicians, we treat patients with the aim of curing their ailments. 

However, over the course of our individual practises, we posed the following questions to ourselves.

How could we prevent diseases and illnesses rather then treat them?

How could we benefit the masses instead of only treating the individual?

How could we make this an enjoyable and sustainable habit for everyone?

After many long brainstorming sessions over dinners and sessions well into the night, we knew that we had answer.

The idea of functional food came to us during the course of our individual clinical practices. Many of our patients lamented about the number of pills they were consuming everyday to treat their ailments. However, we realized that a large number of these pills, such as glucosamine, calcium and fish oil, were supplements, and not actual medications. 
Furthermore, most patients only started consuming these supplements after a serious disease or illness had developed. These supplements, prescribed by their physicians, were typically in the form of pills or tablets.
Having recognized that nutrition plays a major role in the preservation of health,medical professionals have integrated supplements into their treatment strategies. Over time, the public began to view supplements as a form of medication. However these are two very different things!
Medication is supposed to treat illnesses while supplements are used to prevent or stop further degeneration .
At Vermilion, we want to go back to the basics.
Our nutrition can and should be from the food that we eat. 
We want to promote the idea of functional food ------ food with added function of health promotion or disease prevention.

Our First Product – Vermilion Jelly

Why jellies?
This was a common question put to us by our distributors and customers at the beginning.

What is not to love about jellies?
Children love the way they wobble.
It is a fun and great way to coax a child to eat something nutritious.
Adults love the nostalgia associated with snacking on jellies.
The elderly like the soft texture, which requires minimal chewing.
Furthermore, our jellies are conveniently packed into small strips, are heat stable, do not require refrigeration and can be consumed in any situation.
Healthy food does not have to be blend and boring. By flavouring them with natural fruit juice, teas and flavours, we have turned a household favourite snack into a functional food.