Snacking Towards A Flat Tummy

August 01, 2017

What a Christmas gift it was, the "SLIM & SUPPORT, Jelly Strips", my daughter knows her Mum best. When Nat saw the product on-line, she liked what she read and ordered it in time for my 2016 Christmas gift. Although initially sceptical about on-line health products, I was comforted that this was a made-in-Singapore product and more interestingly, it's formulated by both Western doctors and TCM practitioners. 
And it was truly the most delicious jelly that I've eaten and I would have loved to eat it like a snack, but alas, like all health products, just about 2 strips a day was the quota ! It came in such a pretty and convenient packing that I wouldn't go a day without it, even when I'm travelling.
The Cassia Seed Jelly as it's also known supported some weight loss and kept the tummy flat! I felt that my metabolism rate increased and improved even my bowel movement! I have since tried the Probiotics Jelly and never enjoyed consuming health products like these delicious jellies!
---------- Cynthia Lee

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August 30, 2017

I buy these primarily for the in laws.............for the taste and convenience.

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August 05, 2017

After 1 week of eating it, my eyes are less tired after a long day at work.


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Now we can consume supplements we need...

June 19, 2017

What appeals to me about Vermilion Jelly is their unique combination of ‘the best of the West’ and ‘the ancient wisdom of the East’. The jelly strips I took contain Glucosamine, on the one hand, and Chondroitin & Turmeric, on the other. This whole idea of fusion and synergy is very logical and innovative, not to mention fashionable and millennial.

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