Digestive Health (Probiotics Supplement) – 30 Sachets

  • Probiotics are micro organisms that confer health benefits on the digestive system. Besides behaving like conventional probiotics, our Digestive Health Jelly are also fortified with lactoferrin, an immune boosting compound that has anti inflammatory properties that help to sooth the stomach and aids relieving constipation.

    We have also blended in our own unique TCM herbs such as Shiso seeds and Ginger to deliver a warm calming effect, thereby eliminating stomach bloating and cramps. Turmeric has been shown in recent studies to have anti-cancer properties and will also aid circulation to the digestive system. It has also been shown that an optimally functioning digestive system can reduce allergy symptoms and is an essential part of our general well being.

  • Some of our key ingredients include:

    • Probiotics – “Good” bacteria that helps to keep our gut healthy
    • Perilla (Shiso) seed – Anti-bloating
    • Ginger – Anti-inflammatory; anti-nausea; eases stomach-ache
    • Cumin – Aids digestion
    • Turmeric – Improves blood circulation; anti-inflammatory; anti-cancer
    • Amomum Villosum (砂仁) – Dispels food stagnation by enhancing digestive enzymatic action

    Contains 15g x 30 Sachets

    *Instructions: 1 - 2 strips daily as desired

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