Health & Vitality (Red Ginseng Health Supplement) – 30 Sachets

Ginseng has been used for millennia for the maintenance of general health and well being. It has often been called the “elixir for longevity”. Different types of ginseng exists, with the 6 year-old Korean Red Ginseng being the most sought after. This is the same type of ginseng that the Korean Kings of old used to enjoy.

Apart from 900mg of red ginseng extract per serve, our Health and Vitality Jelly is complemented with Taurine, Jujube and Fructus Schisandrae and will energise both body and mind. This synergy will help you function at your personal best, be it in the classroom, gym, workplace or just on the go. Regular consumption of our uniquely formulated Red Ginseng supplement jelly helps combat mental stress and physical fatigue. It will also improve mental alertness and helps improve your daily performances at work and at play.

Some of our key ingredients include:

  • Red Ginseng – Boosts overall qi and stamina
  • Taurine – Combats fatigue; reduces exercise-induced oxidative damage
  • Fructus Schisandrae (五味子) – Enhances immunity
  • Jujube – High in Vitamin C and micronutrients such as magnesium, iron and potassium
  • Goji Berries – A powerful antioxidant

Contains 15g x 10 Sachets

*Instructions: 1 - 2 strips daily as desired

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