Joint Health (Glucosamine Supplement) – 30 Sachets

Joint Health (Glucosamine Supplement) – 30 Sachets

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Our Joint Health Jelly is produced with a unique blend naturally extracted TCM herbs, supplementing the clinically proven dose for effective joint pain relief with anti-inflammatory properties.

The synergy between our Western supplements and TCM herbs help combat inflammation and improves circulation to the joints.

It also aids in the dissipation of wind, cold and dampness – the main causes of arthritis in the TCM context.

Some of our key ingredients include:

  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin – Essential building blocks of joints; extracted from natural sources
  • Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and pain; Anti cancer
  • Barley – Removes dampness from the body
  • Cinnamon – Increases blood circulation at joints
  • Katsumade Galangal (草寇仁) – Dissipates stagnation from joints


Contains 15g x 30 Sachets

Consume 1 - 2 strips daily as desired. 1h before bed time for optimum effect.