Our Name and Logo

Our Name and Logo


Vermilion is the colour associated with health, power and vitality in China. In ancient times, cinnabar (from which Vermilion is extracted from), was used in the manufacture of the elixir of life. The rising sun motif symbolises the mix of Eastern tradition and Western innovation for a healthier you.

Our Story

Our story began in 2014. 2 brothers and their friend were hanging out, lamenting about how their respective patients complain about their multiple pills and tablets and becoming more adverse to prescribed medication. Much of these are supplements and that set us thinking, what if health supplements came in other more palatable forms? Forms that are tasty, fun to eat and with no negative connotation of tablets or pills. And we got to work… 

Singapore has always been a cross road between the East and the West, a unique place where cultures come together and merge into unique entities. Ensuring that we continue on this uniquely Singaporean concept, our Vermilion team is made up of experts from Western medicine and Eastern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Our health products are formulated personally by our doctors to suit the challenges of the modern lifestyle

Western medicine is based on research and evidence while TCM is centered around achieving a balance within the body and the external environment. By combining our expertise, we are able to amalgamate the two traditions and harness the complimentary strengths of the East and the West - thus bringing you the best of both worlds!

Our Philosophy

Combining the best of the East and West. Where tradition meets innovation - in the palm of your hand.