10 Best World Destinations to Run a Marathon When You Are Travelling!

Have you dreamed about marathons that are worth travelling for? Here are some of the best places to run in the world!

1. Paris to Versailles

A popular marathon destination where it allows you to see London in a different perspective. The starting point is at the famous landmark Eiffel Tower and will end at chateau town of Versailles. Be prepared to run for 10 miles in order to complete this prestigious marathon.

2. New York City, USA

This marathon draws a lot of attention because it is being watched by 315 million people on television. Over 100,000 applicants are aspiring to enter the New York City Marathon. It is also one of the oldest marathon that started in 1970. The runners will pass by the five boroughs of the city and finally ends at Manhattan’s Central Park.

3. Athens, Greece

Where it all starts, Athens will let you experience the history while you are running the course. The starting point is nearby Aegean Sea and from there, you will climb up towards Athens. The ending point is at the Panathenaic Stadium where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896.

4. Boston, USA

Boston Marathon is the oldest and most prestigious race in the United States according to forbes.com and it is a lifelong goal of runners to finish it. The marathon is a total of 26.2 miles. To qualify, you need to meet a certain time record based on age and gender.

5. San Francisco, USA

They called the marathon — Bay to Breakers. It is an event to remember because many participants wears fancy outfit. The course will start in the centre of the city and will end at Pacific Coast.

6. Italy

A different marathon event because it is a team relay competition that can last for four (4) days. The course will cover Umbria and Tuscany. Runners will enjoy the course because they will pass by the fascinating vineyards and olive tree groves.

7. Sydney

They called the marathon — City to Surf Sydney. It is a major marathon that can hold about 80,000 participants. This eight miles course will start in the centre of Sydney, goes through the suburbs and ends at Bondi Beach.

8. France

Compared to other marathons around the world, Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel is shorter because you can actually see the finish line from the starting point. The course will allow you to pass by the beautiful northwest coastline in France, view the yachting haven of Cherrueix, and finally the towering island village of Normandy’s Mont Saint-Michel.

9. Tianjin, China

Joining the marathon in Tianjin, China will allow you to run the Great Wall of China. The starting point is at the nearby village of Huangyaguan, and will continue to the Great Wall, head back to the scenic villages and rice fields, before going back to the Great Wall. The ending point is at the center of Yin and Yang Square. To enter the marathon, you have to book for a marathon package through a travel agency.

10. Vancouver, Canada

Started a few years back in 2012, the BMO Vancouver Marathon is accepting a total of 5,000 participants. The course will allow them to visit 12 different areas in the city. Participants will appreciate the beauty of their course because the majority of it will happen around the beach shorelines. The starting point is at Queen Elizabeth Park, and will continue to the beaches of Spanish Banks, proceed to Stanley Park, and the ending point is at Vancouver’s downtown.

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