11 Common Causes of Stress and Fatigue, and What You Can Do About It!

Are you constantly feeling fatigue and stressful with your life and work? Learn more about the causes of fatigue and stress and know what you can do about it!

1. Lack of Complete Sleep

It will make you fatigue and worst lead to stress. You will feel dizzy and can’t think straight. Work will be affected because you have weaken your brain function and motor skills.

The remedy: Avoid staying up late. Sleep at least 7 hours a day.

2. Too Much Activity

Don’t abuse yourself by doing too much activities that your body can’t bear. It will make your body fatigue and that can stressed you out.

The remedy: Find time to relax. Eat on time so you can reload your energy.

3. Sedentary Lifestyle

It happens when you have a little or no activity. This is not good because you will weaken your immune system.

The remedy: Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Notice that you have increased your energy from doing this often.

4. Experiencing Chronic Pain

This is a very stressful situation that you can be in because the pain is there almost every day and it can get worst.

The remedy: You can enter a pain management program. Ask your doctor about it.

5. Being Overweight

Unlike before when you’re physically fit, you can do many activities. Now that you’re overweight, it’s easy to get tired because you have weaken your stamina.

The remedy: Avoid foods that are rich in fats and carbohydrates. Do some exercise to lose weight.

6. Being Underweight

You’re putting your health at risk because you’re not getting the right amount of nutrition when you are underweight.

The remedy: Consult a dietician to help manage your diet. Take vitamins to get more nutrition.

7. Chemical and Substance Abuse

Dangerous drugs can definitely cause stress because it can make you lose your mental state.

The remedy: Avoid it at all times! It can only harm your life.

8. Having a Heart Condition

Notice the shortness of breath when you have a heart condition and because of this, you’re limited to doing things that can weaken or stress your heart.

The remedy: Follow the advice of your doctor. Avoid doing strenuous activities.

9. Having a Lung Condition

It is natural for you to be fatigue when you have lung condition. As a result, you will have an irregular breathing patterns.

The remedy: Quit smoking and sleep early to help your lungs work properly.

10. Due to Mental Health Issues

You’re not in the right state of mind and that can lead you to experiencing great amount of stress.

The remedy: Seek help from your loved ones. Be open for medical treatments.

11. Experiencing Life Crisis

When you’re facing life crisis like losing a job or carrying a serious illness, you’ll be stressed out. It’s difficult to get a good night sleep, so every day is a tiring day.

The remedy: As the saying goes, “Never lose hope.” Get support from your loved ones because they can listen to all of your outburst in life and still understand. Venting out is destressing and you need it to successfully deal with your problems.

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