11 Ways to Choose Food That Will Reduce the Amount of Calories You Ingest! (Burn off Unnecessary Calories!)

If you constantly have to struggle with weight gain it might be because you have tried at least one of the “fad” diets that come up regularly. The truth is that some of these diets may grant you temporary weight loss.  In the usual case, however, the weight returns as soon as you stray from the diet.

Weight gain comes about because you consume more calories than your body is able to use and no diet is a substitute for good eating habits.

Your body requires a certain amount of calories in order to function properly.  If you truly wish to lose weight you must burn off more calories than your body requires.

Try these useful tips to reduce the amount of calories you ingest and learn the techniques to help you burn off unnecessary calories.

  1. Stay away from pastries.  They are loaded with fat not to mention that they are also loaded with sugar.

  2. Eat more salads but don’t let salad become boring. Add different ingredients.  Throw in a few raisins, canned beans like garbanzos and vary your dressings.  Leave out the mayo!

  3. Limit your intake of meat to just two or three meat choices per week and select more “white” meats than red.

  4. You do not have to give up dessert, just rearrange it. Try mixing fresh fruits with low fat yogurt.  Strawberries with banana yogurt is delicious!

  5. Add nuts to your yogurt and salads. Chopped nuts make a great alternative to “breaded” style garnishes like croutons.

  6. Replace white bread with whole grain bread. If you can find bread that still contains the “wheat germ,” buy it!

  7. When baking, applesauce makes a great substitute for shortening.

  8. Prepare foods in different ways. Instead of traditional frying, try stir-fry and use a low fat spray or non-stick pan.

  9. Reduce portions at meal time. We live in a “jumbo size” world.   There is no reason why the portions we consumer need to be super sized as well.

  10. Measure portions one time to get an idea of what a portion of any given food should be. Do it once for each food that you commonly eat.  Eventually, you will be able to “eyeball” a proper serving.

  11. Keep a food diary of everything you eat. Include natural health supplements to support your slimming goals! This is the first step to acquiring a new, healthier life style

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