5 Best Health Benefits of Barley!

Barley has a lot of useful components that is not known to a lot of people. Barley is more than just flour.

Barley is a tall grass that has spikes consisting of 20-60 grain. A great part of produced barley solely goes to the animals as their food supply.

But barley is not just for animals. It is widely used for malt production, which is the main ingredient for making beer and whiskey.

Discover more about Barley’s health components and how they can be beneficial to you.

  1. Fighting Against Colon Cancer
  • A whole grain diet is most likely to help lower the risk of diseases, including colon cancer. This is because of the high fiber content of barley. These fibers can take the time for your food to clear your gut. This process shows a protective process against colon cancer.
  1. Prevent Gallstones From Forming
  • The soluble fiber present in Barley can help to prevent gallstones from forming. It reduces the chances of getting gallbladder surgery. A study is conducted where two obese people were separately put on a fiber and protein diet. A protein diet will work fast in the process of weight loss, the rapid progress of gallstones is at high risk. Weeks after the study, the one who went with the fiber diet is more likely and three times bearing a healthy gallbladder than with the one on protein diet.
  1. Rich in Nutrients
  • It contains varieties of range of vitamins and minerals that are essential for your health. By soaking and sprouting, barley’s nutritional properties such as the minerals, vitamins and antioxidant levels will increase.
  1. Reduces the feeling of Hunger
  • Through its high fiber content, barley promotes the feeling of being full. Therefore, reducing hunger in your system. This factor may help you lose weight and intake just enough amount of food needed in your body.
  1. Beta-glucans Fight Bad Cholesterol
  • This soluble fiber from fiber can also help to fight bad cholesterol. It works though binding itself to the bile acids that are produced by the liver and removes it from your body when it turns to feces. It increases the good cholesterol levels and fights back to decrease the triglyceride level.

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Amazing benefits of Barley!