5 Surprising Foods Worst for Your Progress In Your Workout

Everbody knows that eating is indeed part of survival. Some people say that some foods are restricted to some of us. Does this mean that not all foods are worth eating at all? 

“Everything is poisonous, nothing is poisonous, it is all a matter of dose.”
– Claude Bernard

Like that statement above from Claude Bernard, it is all a matter of dose. One can eat everything edible as long as with the right amount of it.

But would you still eat knowing for facts that some food might cause your death or some illnesses in the future?

What are these foods then? Does everyone need to avoid these? Or is it just a case-to-case basis?

“Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy”  ~Author Unknown

Because special training or workout is a very delicate activity, not properly doing the right thing with your diet after your workouts might cause you some future troubles with your health. And nobody wants that to happen. So it is wise check the food on your diet list.

With that, here are the five surprising foods which are worst for your progress in your workout.

1.) High-fat fast food

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Two worst words for a meal is “FAST FOOD”. How can anyone enjoy the worth of their money when worst things might happen to them in the future?

Well, no one can deny the fact that the crunch and juicy oil of french fries, cheeseburgers, chili dogs and nachos will satisfy anyone’s craving. But having them right after your workout is what makes those foods worst for the progress of your workout.

The fat of those foods slows down digestion, which is the exact opposite of what you want to happen after working up a sweat. The goal of the exercise is to replenish your body’s glycogen and reduce, not add to, the amount of fat your body stores.

2. Salty snacks

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 “Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.”

– Josh Billings

Too much of everything is worth nothing. This means that too much saltiness is worst for the body. Downing salty snacks like potato chips and pretzels can lower your levels of potassium.

Potassium, a mineral essential to your body for cell function, is a more important electrolyte than sodium. Because your body loses electrolytes during a workout, the last thing you need is to deplete more potassium with a salty chip binge. So it is best to stay away from salty snacks at all. If you want to know what snacks best suits for your post-workout session then check out my past articles.

3.) Protein Bars

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Protein Bars are the most famous snack bars for all gym goers and fitness gurus. But do not get fooled because many protein bars on the market are one of those secretly unhealthy foods.

Those bars are no better for you than a candy bar. Always read the label because if your bar has more than 200 calories and too little protein, it could be weighing down your workout.

It is always a matter of reading the contents of what you are going to eat. Make sure you choose those bars which are suitable for your workout and will not cause you any damage in the future.

The key point here is to avoid too much sugar. So you better pick the bar which has lower sugar content.

4.) Pizza

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Pizza? A big NO for your post and pre-workout sessions.

Why? Because of the fatty toppings of it. Dripping with grease, just one slice can instantly cancel out the gains made during your sweat-soaked routine.

But do not worry too much because you can always have these for your cheat day. Remember to spare only one cheat day for a week nothing more nothing less. But if you are having pizzas then crash-out the other options because you can only have pizza if pizza is what you crave the most.

Having too many options for your cheat day might lead you to overeat which would totally ruin the progress of your workout.

5.) Milk chocolate

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Oh! NOT CHOCOLATES! Says no one in the gym.

Milk chocolates are known to be high in sugar and calories. This food offers virtually nothing of what you need in order to recharge after training. What makes it worst is the negative effects it leaves to your fitness and as a result, it can damage the brief burst of energy you may get from those bars.

But there is always a great substitute if you really crave some chocolates. And it is the Dark chocolate. This chocolate is known to have at least 70% cacao.

Dark chocolate has healthy antioxidants that fight free radicals and act as anti-inflammatories, which can help you recover post-workout. Just be sure to consume it in moderation.

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