Daily Positive Affirmations: Each Wise Food Choice I Make Takes Me Closer to a Healthier Lifestyle

If you believe you’re living a healthy lifestyle, then research shows you’ll actually start living one!

In fact, start practicing daily affirmations and there is evidence that you’ll increase your levels of physical activity.

You just need to find the right words. Thankfully we’ve put together a list of positive health affirmations for you to choose from!

Positive affirmations

Daily Positive Affirmations

My health is more important to me than material possessions or personal achievements.

It is that element of my being that dictates my ability to go out and pursue goals and missions.

I know that without good health, I am limited in my ability to grow.

I make wise food choices every chance I get because I know the importance of healthy eating to my physical well-being. Each wise food choice I make takes me closer to the healthy lifestyle that makes other achievements possible.

I acknowledge that my food cravings can sometimes lead me down the path to unhealthy eating, but I am always conscious of my choices. I always follow the unwise choices with foods that better serve my healthy goals.

When I eat healthily, my whole being feels very different because I am giving my body what it needs for optimum performance.

I am more energetic and sharp-minded. I rarely get sick. I feel healthy inside and out and it shows. My hair, skin, nails and body look great!

Plus, I am more motivated to exercise and keep my body in shape.

Today, I am less concerned about satisfying a food craving and more concerned about maintaining my health. I like the person I am when I maintain a healthy lifestyle. I look good and I feel good.

I commit to sticking to healthy food choices.

Your Food Choices

Remember, your food choices has an impact on your ability to perform well at work and at home.

Where do you get motivation to practice healthy eating at all times? Share it with us!

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Wise food choices