Easily Prevent Dementia - 5 EASY Steps!

In every 3 seconds, someone out there in the world develops a brain syndrome that is hard to deal with and with no known cure. Dementia.

According to statistics, there has been an estimated 46.8 million people recorded with this syndrome in 2015 and has reached out to 50 million people in 2017. With that many people experiencing this tedious illness, it must have been hard, not just for the people with dementia but also for the people around them.

It is not like the Alzheimer’s disease. They have similarities but dementia is a group of symptoms that does not have a specific diagnosis and Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease is just one of many types of it. It has a wide range of disease and some people does not only have one type of dementia in their brain, known as mixed dementia. But it can’t be diagnosed earlier as mixed dementia can only be seen through an autopsy.

Causes of dementia may also come in various reasons but the most common cause for this is the old age of a person. As a person’s body age, it is being prone to different kind of diseases that is making it vulnerable to damaging the brain cells. When these brain cells develop a damage, it will affect a person’s thinking, behavior and feelings.

Different types of dementia may target a specific region in the brain. And those different regions in the brain are particularly for a certain function of the brain.

Often, the brain region that is the center of learning and memory which is called the hippocampus, is the one or the first to be damaged. That is why memory loss is the common of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Head injury, brain tumor, and stroke are among other causes of dementia. A possibility of HIV infection may also cause dementia. It is not certain how the virus damages the brain cells, but it is known to do such behavior.

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.”
~ Gene Tunney

Dementia may sound inevitable but there are ways to reduce the risk of having the syndrome. Here are some ways to keep in mind:

1. Exercise your mind and your body

There are a lot of positive benefits from exercising physically. Aside from making your body fit and makes your immune system stronger it can also contribute to making your mind active and alert.

According to researchers, frequent exercise of the body will also strengthen the capacity of the brain cells to work as it can get the enough oxygen supply.

Another fascinating exercise is the exercise literally for the brain. Buy yourself a set of crossword puzzles or any kind if problem solving games to stimulate your brain.

Keep your mind busy and working with these games. It is better to think about puzzle word problems than stressing yourself over the things that can develop possible cause of dementia.

2. Watch the health of your heart

Your heart and your brain may not be on the same side at times of decision making but they sure do have a strong bond. That is why taking care of your heart’s health will also help to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Monitoring your blood pressure and your weight is the best you can do to ensure your heart’s health. Because the combination of theses tedious conditions can contribute 12% more chance to develop dementia.

As well as the sugar levels I your blood. According to the data analysis of more than 40,000 people that had type 2 diabetes are twice as possible to develop dementia than the healthy individuals.

3. Stop stressing and engage to social activities

Stress is the cause of anxiety and dementia in your brain. You tend to forget thing because of too much things going on inside of your mind. Just try to relax when something is stressing you out. It is hard at first but at least control it. There is nothing good that comes from stressing out, this could only lead to a lot of worst outcome.

Emerge yourself with a lot of activities that includes interaction with other people. Join a yoga class. This this you’re not only meditating your body and mind but will also meet new people that have peace of mind. It will be possible for them to influence you for the better.

You can also join some club or group with the same interest as you. Spending time with people that are have the same values and interests will lift your mood and emotions from succumbing to a stressful loneliness you may be feeling.

Free your mind from all the possibilities of stressing because it may not only develop dementia but can also trigger other illnesses.

4. Refrain from smoking

This can also be applied to keeping your heart healthy as cigarette smoking massively affects the heart. Also, other chemicals that are found in cigarettes can trigger oxidative stress. There are chemicals that are called free radicals that can cause damage to the cells that extremely contributes to acquiring and development of dementia. This can also trigger inflammation and vascular changes in the brain.

Researchers hypothesized that it is possible that smoking could damage the brain as the areas like prefrontal cortex and hippocampus are the regions in which are responsible for the process of memory, emotions and other important portions of the body’s being.

A psychology professor at Northumbia University in England states, “We already know that giving up smoking has huge health benefits for the body, but this study also shows how stopping smoking can have knock-on benefits for cognitive function, too.”

5. Get a good night sleep

This can be related to relieving stress. Well, a good and long rest is always good for everyone. Fortunately, it is also good for reducing the risk of developing dementia throughout the time as you grow older. A very well taken sleep can give such impact to your brain that sparks the way you think, your mood and especially the memory. And these are all vital to your brain’s health and the prevention of development of any brain impairment.

There’s been also a study that linked the vitamin from the sun to minimizing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. According to the scientist from the University of Southern California, vitamin D may be the one responsible for activating cellular signaling that enables clearing of the plaque build-up on the brain that wards off Alzheimer’s.

The prevention of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s is purely an initiative. It is your choice to take action and reduce or fully prevent it from happening. But still keep in mind that reducing the risk factors of developing dementia does not exclude you totally from acquiring it.

Remember that there are possible circumstances like stroke and other diseases that causes dementia to emerge. No matter may the outcome be, seeking for professional help of the doctors is just the best way to prevent or slow the process of developing this syndrome.

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How to easily prevent dementia!