Health issues our aging mothers don’t tell us about

Whether we admit it or not, our mothers have always been our go to person. From minor things like a popped button, to life-altering events like our first heartbreak, our mums always have a fix. While not every mother show their love the same way, there’s one thing all mothers do - keeping mum on their health issues (pun unintended).
Here are the top 3 health issues our mothers face as they age (especially from the decline of estrogen levels after menopause), and how we can help:

1. Dry Eyes

Let’s face it, for the vast majority of our lives, we’re all guilty of going to our mothers with this question, “Mum, have you seen my other sock?” And if mum can’t find it, no one can. So while dry eyes may not sound too serious, it can be a chronic and irritating health problem. When left untreated, it may even lead to cornea detachment and other vision problems!
The fix:
  • Eyedrops. This lubricates the surface of the eye and prevents further irritation.
  • Protective gear like sunglasses to put on in windy environments
  • Eat foods that are high in lutein, beta carotene and omega 3 like spinach, salmon and eggs.

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  2. Osteoarthritis
This may come as a complete surprise, but a dip in estrogen levels can increase a woman’s risk of getting osteoarthritis. Regardless of your mum’s activity level, decreased estrogen levels will affect their joint cartilage health all the same. Estrogen has been found to protect joint cartilage from inflammation and is an essential part of joint cartilage health because damaged cartilage is not readily repaired by the body. Osteoarthritis is a form of degenerative joint pain caused by the wear and tear of joint cartilage and bones rubbing against each other. While there is no absolute cure for osteoarthritis at present, there are some steps that we can take to relieve joint pain and prevent its aggravation.
The fix:
  • Exercise. Low-impact exercises like swimming, yoga and cycling, can help to strengthen muscles and improve joint mobility.
  • Heat/cold therapy. Apply hot/cold packs to sore or painful joints to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Rest. A little rest goes a long way; adequate rest can relieve painful and sore joints and reduce swelling.
  • Weight loss. Losing as little as 2kg can help reduce stress on larger joints such as hips and knees and decrease symptoms of osteoarthritis
  • Take glucosamine and related supplements. Glucosamine is a key component of normal joint cartilage, which helps to lubricate the joints, increase flexibility and reduce joint wear and tear. Herbs like Turmeric and Barley can also help alleviate joint pain and reduce dampness in joints.


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      3. Fatigue and decline in mental sharpness

If nothing, one thing’s for sure as people age, their energy levels drop. With aging comes loss of muscle mass, circadian changes and decline in mental sharpness that stem from age-related chemical changes in the body. We can definitely relate to this as we grow older ourselves - that feeling of not being able able to keep up with the ‘younger ones’. Our mothers, as tough as they come, are not immune to that either.
The fix:
  • Regular exercise that mixes weight training with stretches to maintain muscle mass and flexibility. Sign up for a mother and daughter/son class to encourage your mums to keep active or make regular trips to explore our many beautiful trails in Singapore.
  • Staying mentally engaged. We’re talking about doing fun stuff like playing mahjong, mobile games and even learning something new. Even simple things like perfecting a new recipe or learning a new language create new neural pathways in the brain, to keep it going.
  • Stick to a regular bedtime routine. Going straight to bed after watching a TV program isn’t going to cut it. Take time out to wind down before bed, like having a nice warm bath, away from electronics. (No mum, we love you but we’re putting our foot down on your habit of snoozing on the sofa while watching your favourite korean drama after dinner.)

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