How to Feel Fresh, Energetic, Young and Light?

Almost every human being wants to have a clean body, inside and out. With the pollution and all the dirt and toxins in the surroundings and in the food we eat, having a body detoxification frees us form the harmful radicals that affect our health and body.

So what is body detoxification all about?

Body cleansing or detoxification is treatment in which the body gets rid of the accumulated harmful substances that have a negative effect on the individual’s health.

Our body is not designed to eat and accumulate all kinds of food all at the same time, even with the healthy ones.

Since our digestive enzymes have a requirement of a certain pH level in order to function. Proteins and some foods require longer time in the stomach as compared to other foods.

Fats and oil coat our stomach lining making it more difficult for the stomach to secrete that much needed acid to digest food.

When you decide to eat nuts and olive oil together, better think twice on your choice. Nuts are very hard to digest and olive oil makes it hard for the stomach to release the acid and digest the nuts.

So how does detoxification work?

Basically, detoxification means cleaning the blood. It does this mainly by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination.

The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. However, when this system is compromised, impurities aren't properly filtered and every cell in the body is adversely affected.

By combining foods properly, your digestion is well aided and the elimination of toxins in the body is achieved.

We detoxify to be healthy and feel healthy. But being one isn’t simply eating good food, it is  about eating the good food in a right way at the right times. A good detox program can help the body's natural cleaning process by:

1) Resting the organs through fasting;
2) Stimulating the liver to drive toxins from the body;
3) Promoting elimination through the intestines, kidneys and skin;
4) Improving circulation of the blood; and
5) Refuelling the body with healthy nutrients.

A detox program however must only be done once a year; perhaps a short one is enough and is good for your health.

As a word of caution - All long-term fasts require medical supervision as well as prior assessment as to levels of nutrients, to insure that deficiency does not occur.

Weekend fasts are safe for most people, although it is still wise to seek advice from a professional experienced in detoxification

Some of the common detox methods include water and juice fast, weekend monodiet, alkaline-detoxification diet, Vitamin C therapy and Chelation therapy.

How to feel energetic with raw food combination?

When we overload our body with one huge meal, this has a detrimental effect to our over-all energy level. All the energy we have is being directed to the digestive system in order to properly digest what we have just eaten. An overload on eating will never do any good but it will even make us sleepy and tired.

So what could be the foods that would boost up our energy level? I for one firmly believe that raw food could significantly improve our energy level as well as our performance. Performance is meant to be our daily activity and how we are doing and feeling every minute of it.

Caffeine and sugar in our beverages and food is one good energy booster bit only for a certain if not brief time. When its effect wears out, we too feel worn out. We feel drained and have to get another energy boost.

Raw foods are very easy to digest as they have these enzymes to aid our body in digestion and other processes. Raw foods are in the original state making them very digestible and so the body will no longer waste any additional energy to digest them.

Aside from easy to digest, raw foods are jam packed with nutrients as compared to cooked food. Compared to junk foods which contain empty calories and less nutritional value, raw foods are the best snack to have.

Most people will notice that they will get more energy when juicing vegetables like carrots and celery. Any kind of vegetables is sure to have those energy boosters and what could be better than drinking natural fruits and vegetable juice.

So what do you eat on a raw food diet? A raw food diet is given by one who has doing it for years.

- Salads. Lots of fresh, green, organic vegetables. And the more variety, the better. And the ideal dressing is cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with herbs, spices and orange or lemon juice. But, you could get away with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

- Juices. It’s best to get a good quality juicer. Try not to buy the bottled juices from the store. Juicing at home will allow you to take in “fresh” juices with all the minerals, vitamins and enzymes that your body needs.

- Nuts and Seeds. Raw, organic nuts and seeds, eaten within moderation (and sprinkled into salads) will give the body much needed protein, good fats and calories for energy. Go easy on the nuts and seeds. Use sparingly, and mix them into other foods like salads and raw vegan sushi.

- Fruits. If you’re not juicing them, eat them! Raw, organic fresh fruits are an excellent source of nutrition and energy. Apples and oranges. Still common but essential fruits to eat daily to boost one’s energy level. Also, bananas are great as well. And grapes as well as all the berries (especially blueberries) contain antioxidants to help fight against cancer.

- Aloe Vera. This is somewhat of a miracle plant that many researchers are still puzzled about regarding its beneficial properties. Aloe Vera juice provides many benefits, like healing and rejuvenation of the body’s cells. In fact, many people around the world will cut a leaf from the Aloe Vera plant and use the juice to apply to a cut or burn to make it heal faster.

Taken as a juice, Aloe Vera helps heal the body and give it more energy, and at the same time aiding in digestion and allowing more nutrients to be absorbed. Always buy the raw, organic Aloe Vera juice for best results.

It is not what we eat, but what we digest and assimilate, that determines the nourishment our bodies receive. Food combining is based on the discovery that certain combinations of food may be digested with greater ease and efficiency than others.

Food combining improves our overall health and outlook. But this could only be achieved if the diet is done properly and religiously. When the combinations are done as told or instructed, we will feel fresh, energetic, young and light! 

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