It's not about celebrating but connecting - Happy Fathers' Day !

This week we celebrate Fathers' Day. 
How long has it been since you took a close look at your Dad? (Video call is not counted!)
What makes a dad? 
Is he a silent worker who always tries his best to wear a smile on his weary face? A man young at heart who plays with his kids? (before mum comes home, that is!); Or is he that giant who would piggy back us before bedtime.
There's no single definition that accurately defines the word "Father". Father comes in all shapes, sizes and character. Many times, the true meaning of a father lies in his actions and the affection he shows implicitly. 
This was how Zhu ZhiQing, a famous Chinese writer put it across, (when his dad decided to buy him some mandarin oranges before sending him off) " I peered through the cabin window and saw a limping figure scurrying his way from the tracks to the platform, with extreme effort , he was able to push himself up onto the platform finally reaching the fruit vendor despite his bulkiness..."  
Similarly, I believe most of us remember glimpses of a dark, dreamy figure (And I am not talking about Monsters INC. mind you!) appearing in the middle of the night and gently covering us with our blankie. 
Due to a man's ego complaining seems to make dad less of a man. Which can be worrying as we will never know what really is happening to them , until this "volcano" starts erupting again in anguish hence pushing us further away unintentionally.
So go home to your dad this Fathers' Day and spend a moment or two to observe him. Are his hands rough and cold ? Is he more frail? Has he been eating enough? Are his actions wobbly? Is he having pain somewhere ? Only then may we realise how much this giant has grown old over the years without us really noticing.
As children, we should take the time this Fathers’ Day to appreciate all the sacrifices our fathers have willingly made. 
To all children - Have a connected and heartfelt Fathers' Day !
And to all Fathers - May you have a shiok and unforgettable Father’s day!
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