The Most Funny and Best Mother's Day Quotes and Sayings!

Make Your Mom Smile & Show Mom You Care!

Mommy i love you!

Check out these funny and the best mother's day quotes and sayings!

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  1. I don’t need no wonder woman, when all I need is my Super MOM!
  2. To my Mom, if it wasn’t for you, I won’t have this darn crazy good looks!
  3. It’s funny how you were right about everything, Mom.
  4. I want to congratulate you Mom, I turned out perfectly!
  5. I feel sorry for others, cuz I got the best Momma
  6. Raising me took a lot of patience. Thanks for hanging in there.
  7. To the world you are a Mother. But to our family you are the world.
  8. You might think I never listened to what you said when I was young, Mum. But the truth is, I live by your words every single day.
  9. Mom, I got all my best qualities from you. Aren’t we lucky that you had enough for both of us?
  10. Only a mother as perfect as you... could have a child as perfect as me.

Happy Mother's Day

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Celebrating Mother's Day