Top 10 Health and Wellness Trends in 2021!

Live your life to the fullest. Here’s Top 10 Health and Wellness Trends in 2021!

World Healing

1. Self-care for the community

“I believe that a big wellness trend for 2021 is a shift from self-care to community-care. The pandemic has exposed many of the systemic inequalities and flaws in our society, and we will start to recognize that we have a responsibility to do something within our power to address them.”  

2. Mindful and intuitive eating

“In 2021, I believe there will be a continued rise of mindful eating and intuitive eating. People will continue to turn away from restrictive diets, especially those that completely demonize a certain macronutrient, such as carbohydrates. It is a step toward a healthier, more sustainable, and more conscious future.” 

3. Digital detoxes

“There is so much negative energy in social media, the news, and on TV right now. One of our major learnings from 2020 is that we individually have the power to decide what we take in and we can set boundaries around our digital consumption.”

4. Simpler skincare routines

“Say goodbye to 12-step skincare routines in 2021. Staying at home has shifted our budgets away from makeup, clothes, and spa services, and left us with more time to buy and try all the at-home skincare trends. “

5.  Flexible goal setting

“Setting more realistic resolutions, or micro-goals, will be a wellness trend for 2021. Our perspective on goals has changed due to the pandemic. Knowing the world can throw a wrench in our gears, we realize it’s important to remain open and flexible.”

6. Talk (and walk) therapy

“Forget the couch in 2021—we are heading outdoors for our therapy sessions. Since the onset of the pandemic, many therapists have stopped seeing clients in the office due to safety concerns and are doing teletherapy as a safer alternative. With walk-and-talk therapy, clients and therapists are moving together in nature and feeling connected.”

7. Intention-focused wellness travel

“The challenging and traumatic events of 2020 have left us all feeling untethered from our normal routines. Travelers are seeking out experts, experiences, and places that will help them regain a feeling of stability. People will have an opportunity to reconnect with themselves, to others, to nature, and to their sense of purpose and joy,”

8. Touchless spa services

 “People need a way to decompress now more than ever, and no-touch spa services provide no-worry wellness as we head into 2021.”

9. Cold therapy

More and more experts are discussing the benefits of cold exposure and cold showers, which are cheap and available to nearly everyone. 

10. Cannabis beyond THC & CBD

“In 2021, we’ll see more widespread acceptance of cannabis use and the stigma surrounding it will significantly decrease. Cannabis will be supported for a broader range of medical and health benefits through renewed research efforts at universities and institutions across the country.”

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.    

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Top Health and Wellness Trends You Should Know About!