Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Improve Your Gut HEALTH!

How well do you know how your gut works? Or what exactly it does to your body? How familiar are you with your gut feeling?

Do you actually know that your gut acts as its own brain? It does not answer to your brain or your heart. With more than 100 million brain cells, the gut has its capability to think for its own. Allowing it to decide what work to do inside your body. It also has its own nervous system, making it possible to control the digestive system.

Top Reasons to Protect your Digestive System!

According to Dr. Ganjhu, “Our gut plays a major role, not only in our gastrointestinal health, but in the health and well-being of the entire body.”

This is why it is important to keep your gut healthy and protected because it does not only affect the digestive system of the body but also the whole system.

It covers a lot of organs that is making the body to function and to continue to live. The whole system that includes in the process like the mouth, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, colon and rectum, these are the organs that are highly important and a great part of your body’s gut. As Dr. Ganjhu coin these parts or organs as the building blocks that the body needs to live and to function.

An article about gut health written by Megan Dix, RN-BSN, states that the gut inside our body has this microorganisms that lives inside our intestine that are called gut microbiome. Also, there are about 300-500 species of bacteria that lives in a person’s digestive tract. Some are harmful and some or most of them are good bacteria.

The gut may seem simple but the effect is drastic. Be mindful of these 10 reasons on why you should keep your gut healthy and protect your digestive system:

1. Prevents development of cancer
- Gut microbiome. This is the one that fights and protect your body from the possible development of cancer.

The microbiome simply blends in and works alongside with the immune system to keep the homeostasis or the simple health state of balance and stability. Thus, when the microbiome gets too damaged, it may cause a failure and progress the development of tumor and cancer.

Keeping the microbiome to its proper function includes eating healthy food that can be sources of good bacteria. Processed food are not relatively helpful with the health f your gut because they just lack vitamins and enzymes that the microbiome needs.

2. Keeps you from having insomnia
- With a very uneasy feeling in the gut you will have develop insomnia throughout the time. This is due to the serotonin produced by the gut.

A severely damaged gut creates a malfunction in producing this hormone that affects the mood and sleep, leading to fatigue and creating a commotion throughout the system.

3. Developing food reactions
- Caused by bad quality of good bacteria in the gut resulting to a certain reaction when ingesting foods that trigger your gut system to develop symptoms like diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and gas.

Acquiring food intolerance is developed by the gut through, again, lack of good bacteria that helps in the digestion of specific foods in the body.

4. Drastic weight change
- Either by gaining or losing weight, an unhealthy gut will have a significant effect on your weight or this should alarm you.

Losing weight without doing any exercise and diet is not something to be happy about. This is probably because of the growth of an intestinal bacterium that is affecting the process in the digestive system.

Weight gain on the other hand is caused by the insufficient supply of nutrients in the body that makes you feel hungry and tend to eat more.

Progression of such changes in the body may create much more complicated issues that might not be possible to cure.

5. Sudden skin ailment
- Gut inflammation that is caused by poor diet or any food allergy can increase the leak of proteins out to other parts of the body which creates the irritation in the skin, thus, resulting to different skin rashes or allergy like eczema.

The gut affects not only the digestive system, so be mindful of it as it literally take its effect on everything.

6. Improve your mental stability
- As the gut is responsible for the production of serotonin, a damaged gut will take effect on your mentality too. The researchers and scientist coined the gut as the second brain of the body, meaning the organs like the intestines contain nerve tissue that are similar to what the brain have.

Improving your eating habits and giving much attention to your digestive health will keep your mind at a balance state. Keep those gut bacteria well treated and the feel-good neurotransmitters that your intestines produce or release will keep your mind at the right track.

7. Keep you away from Acid Reflux
- Bad bacteria build up in the gut is the main cause for frequent acid reflux. Most of the time and normally, acid targets and kills the bad bacteria. But the neutralization of acid in the stomach makes all the bad bacteria grow, making your condition worst.

So, you might want to watch out your acidity intake. Even if you are not experiencing the reflux, it is best to present it from happening.

8. Asthma
- A research conducted by the group of microbiology and biochemistry professor at University of British Columbia, Brett Finlay, identified types of bacteria that are linked to asthma risk.

Though, these are commonly developed as an infant, it is best to watch your health gut as an adult if you have recurring asthma to improve it from progressing to a worst stage.

9. Risk of having Yeast Infection
- Gross as it may sound but it is possible to have a yeast infection with an imbalanced health in the gut.

As it causes digestive problems, fungal infections on the skin and fatigue. If it is possible for the skin to acquire eczema through a gut problem, it is more likely to be possible to acquire such fungal infection.

10. Energy Levels
- Improved gut is also an improved energy level. If you are experiencing tiredness even after a good sleep, then an unhealthy gut may be the culprit.

As it affect your body as a whole, you will feel it to your entire body. This is due to the unhealthy balance of bacteria that causes your body to prevent absorbing the nutrients from ingesting foods that are probably not even healthy and this is the main cause you are feeling tired all the time.

Your gut feeling should not be taken for granted. Some may think that it is only a ‘gut’ but it affects your entire body. What you do to improve your gut health is improving yourself.

Having frequent stomach bloating or gastric issues? Are you always feeling tired even after a good night sleep? It could be due to an unhealthy gut!

Do you know that probiotics are friendly micro organisms that confer health benefits on the digestive system? They help to sooth gut inflammation, allergies and aids in relieving constipation which are now common ailments due to our eating-habits and lifestyle.

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Protect Your Digestive System!