Top 8 Healthy Nutrition Books you Should Read this Year!

Healthy nutrition books you should read this year!

1. In defense of food

Common sense has been replaced with confusion. In other words, our food has gone from being a product of nature to a lab experiment. To eat fat or to not eat fat, to eat carbs or to not eat carbs. An interesting read!

2. Zero Sugar Diet

The two main issues that are making weight loss so difficult and pitting our own bodies against us: Our food has too much sugar and our food has too little fiber. Learn the truth about Zero sugar diet.

3. It Starts With Food

This book gives you the 4-1-1 on how to lose 10 pounds and ultimately become a healthier YOU. A lovely book gift for those who want to keep their health in tip top condition.

Books are a uniquely portable magic.
~ Stephen King

4. Good Calories, Bad Calories

Good Calories Bad Calories basically says that the best weight loss tips out there are the ones that do not promote the idea of a low-fat diet.

5. What To Eat

What to Eat will be your new food dictionary, taking you through each section in the supermarket, (dairy, fish, meat, produce) and cutting the food jargon to decipher the meticulous food labels.

6. Make Your Own Rules Diet

This book is encouraging you to ditch the fad diets and instead focus your energy into yoga and plant-based foods.

7. Wheat Belly

Wheat is the single largest contributor to the growing obesity epidemic in the United States. In his groundbreaking book, the author explores the harmful effects of what wheat as a product of genetic tinkering does to the body.

8. Run Fast, Eat Slow

If you’re looking to boost your metabolism then this cookbook is something you’ll want to get your hands on. A good book gift for runners.

What's your favorite healthy nutrition book? Share it with us!

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Nutrition books you should read this year!