Want to Live a Stress Free Life? Try These 21 Tips!

Here are some more hard-hitting facts and considerations about stress, to shed some light on this musing and world-life reality that we all face as part of our existence, quality of life and being.

Stress can be:

- A state of mental or emotional strain or suspense
- Fatigue and emotional tension
- Stress can lead to the depletion of available resources in the personality
- Oppressive stress is unhealthy and should be outgrown.
- Harmonious stress is experienced in parenting.
- Short-term stress can often be overcome. Not all stress is negative or positive.
- Long-term stress can reduce resistance to disease and parasites, Stress can even inhibit self-healing processes, and reduce life-span, if we allow it!
- A stress trigger can be defined as a physical, chemical or emotional factor causing mental tension
- Stress can be a possible contributing factor in causing disease.

Stress can be both either positive or negative. It can come from various sources and the there are detectable and treatable , predictable biochemical effects of stress.

Prolonged stress, regardless of whether it is positive or negative can be devastating, debilitating and harmful.

Just imagine how wonderful it can be if we can all take a little time to focus on what really matters in life!

Lessen and reduce even work-related stress. Stress research today is still asking for the most part when adaptive processes stop being essential for life and become damaging to health.

Why some individuals are more vulnerable to chronic stress than others is also an unresolved phenomenon.

A recognized fact is that we all have certain neural, endocrine and immunological responses to stress – albeit different.

According to what psychologists refer to as the bio-psycho-social (or MASH) model of stress and behavior, there are numerous coping mechanics and framework in various levels and aspects, areas of an individual’s life at play, including personal, work, family, relationships, couples etc.

Aspects of problem-solving, communication, flexibility and closeness (cohesion) are at the very heart of what makes the difference for success and results with stress.

Survival hormones are just part of the story though when dealing with stress. They can just as easily take us to new heights and places we have never been before, as much as they could hinder us and our processes.

These stress hormones can affect you in many ways – here are just some of what happens when your body is under ‘strain’, submitted to stress:

- Your heart rate goes up
- Blood pressure increases
- More oxygen and blood sugar moved throughout the body
- All systems work together and are on/at edge to support major muscles
- Sweating increases
- Focused attention on the threat
- No distractions, nothing else matters (even mentally focused on resolution)
- The whole body is at the ready and has a heightened ability to survive life-threatening events

If you feel overwhelmed by priorities, living, things to do, people, situations, demands, that would be considered stressful.

living a stress free life

If you do not have the coping skills, resources or what is needed to respond accordingly and appropriately, you are under what we consider to be STRESS.

Here are 21 of the most effective tips to live a stress free life:

(1) Anticipate and plan more and better that the littlest thing will not end up throwing you for a loop
(2) Being spoilt by someone you love – having a romantic dinner or picnic
(3) Clear up any and all misunderstandings
(4) Delegate responsibilities with consideration.
(5) Entertain friends and socialize
(6) Have you tried essential oils?
(7) Go for a full body massage
(8) Share the benefits of the fun and tasty Vermilion jelly with a loved one!
(9) Wake up earlier and watch the sun come up with a steaming cup of coffee
service to clean the house, do the laundry or take care of the landscaping, mowing and gardening for you
(10) Helping someone else who is having a hard time with something.
(11) Herbal essences in the bath.
(12) Once in a while, hold a backyard BBQ for the neighborhood
(13) Ignore unreasonable people and requests, unrealistic demands
(14) Laugh! Laughing, comedy and a good belly laugh for as long as possible.
(15) Listen to a CD from start to finish with your eyes closed (*that you have not heard before, really wanted)
(16) Make a compilation of your favorite tracks and download to your mp3-player or iphone
(17) Make an annual and regular break-away vacation a top priority. Do not forget to bring along the tasty Vermilion jelly!
(18) Try to imagine the element of fun in everything that happens, even when things go wrong
(19) Mentally relive a personal happiest time and experience
(20) Physical workout for endorphin release
(21) Give meaning to what you do and contribute by taking a broader perspective – how what you do, say, think, feel affects the lives and happiness of others 

Refrain from eating or drinking excessively to relieve stress – IT DOES NOT WORK! 


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