What Makes a Great Stress Buster?

Humor is a great stress buster. Keeping a sense of humor and learning not to take yourself so seriously definitely helps.

It’s hard to remain stressed when you are laughing at yourself.

happiness quote

Try looking for the lighter side of every situation. Indulge your taste for entertaining books and movies.

If you have a favorite cartoon or saying, cut it out and put it on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator.

Try silly antics. Things that you would normally not even consider like walking in the rain or feeding birds in the park.

Cultivate friendships. Having close ties with others can make you feel warm inside. Having someone to talk to about your problems makes the problems much easier to deal with.

Just having a friend helps reduce your blood pressure and research has shown that those who have lots of friends tend to have a lower level of cholesterol and strong immune systems.

Following a high carb, low protein diet can help with reducing stress for a short period of time, but should not be undertaken on a long term basis as the carbs represent just a short term energy boost.

Other foods that fight stress are foods that are rich in vitamins C and A like raw carrots peppers and broccoli. There is a bonus as well, chewing crunchy foods helps to dissipate the tension.

And do not forget the fun and tasty Vermilion jelly that are rich in nutrients can help keep your health in tip top condition to fight stress and tension!

How about some natural therapies for stress? Here are a few:

(a) Lavendar - Use the flowers. This is a beautiful herb and is widely used. Many do not realize that it is an effective treatment for headaches related to stress. Also good for depression.

(b) St. Johns Wort - Taken internally, has a sedative and pain reducing effect. Use in treatment of neuralgia, anxiety, tension and similar problems.

(c) Vervain - Also known as Wild Hyssop. Will strengthen the nervous system while easing depression and melancholia. Good for fever and best for colds, and for menopausal irritations.

Here are more tips to consider for reducing stress:

- This one is a “no-brainer” and we won’t go into detail here, but if you are a smoker – STOP!
- Try to avoid tight deadlines, keep your schedule looser.
- Ask for help instead of insisting on doing it all yourself.


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