What to Pack in Your Child's Lunch Box?

Almost majority of the parents nowadays are both working for the family.  Everyone is almost busy all the time. And no one can attend to the child’s simple needs, like preparing a good meal for their lunch boxes. Well, that is just them making sure they can provide their child’s need in terms of financial one.


It is all about time. If you are running into some other things and cannot prepare the lunch boxes of your child and you are just handing them cash to buy one in the cafeteria or canteen in the school then let me tell you, there is always time if you make one.

I know it will be too hassle or maybe you are not good in doing such thing. But there are simple and easy ways which you can juggle both being a parent and an employee at the same time.

If breakfast is the most important meal for the entire day then lunch is next to it. When a child is out in school any parent will keep on thinking what their child is eating, or whether their child has eaten. It is normal for them to think that way. But there is always an option not to worry too much. 

With that, let me give you some ideas of what you can pack for your child’s lunch. Want to know what to pack into your child's lunch box? These are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Create Snack-size Portion out of Bulk Items

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Snack-size items are always ideal to any child’s eyes, but it does not mean that you should buy them in that way from the store. You can buy these snacks in bulk and portion them out at home. Make some time during Sundays and prepare these snacks for the whole week. In this way, you are saving both money and time. You can also assure that these foods will go directly to your little one’s stomach because snack size items are cool-looking for their eyes. And by that, they are eating in a fun and healthy way.

By the way, if you do not know what these items will be you can check these options below:

  • Fresh Fruits (apples, oranges, grapes, bananas)
  • Fresh Vegetables ( sliced carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, radish, pickles)
  • Side Treats (cookies, small sized sandwich, mini burger)

You can also make a salad out of those fresh veggies. Just make sure you put their favorite dressings.

Give your child the options

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Sometimes being a parent means you need to loosen up the strict rules in the house. You need to make your child think that they also have a say in the house, well not to everything at any time, just sometimes. Bring them with you when you go to the grocery store and let them pick what they want to eat for the week. But, again, do not loosen the strings too much. Give them a smaller option list or maybe bring them to the part of the grocery where healthy products are placed. 

When your child has chosen what products they want to have for lunch then it is time for you to do the magic in the kitchen. For instance, if they want some peanut butter sandwich, then make one but do not serve them that sandwich all throughout the entire week. Because it will look like too boring for them to eat and they will go back in throwing or exchanging them to someone else’s lunch.

Here are some ideas you can try.

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
  • Fresh veggie salad with chicken
  • If they want chips then make those chips as the breading of your Fried Chicken
  • Fruit Shake with a lesser sugar
  • Healthy Burger ( make a patty out of vegetables and meat)

Let your children help you out in the kitchen

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Bringing them in the grocery is a good idea but letting them help you in the kitchen is the best one. Why? Well, simply because they will feel that they are part in making a meal which would lead them not to waste a single one. Do not be too cautious or over think too much just savor the moment of their happiness in the kitchen. Maybe you can let them mold the cookies or make their own sandwich or a wrap.

Involve them to what you do sometimes and little by little they will appreciate those simple things in life. It is also a way of opening their minds that they too can help the chores in the house.

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