What You Ought To Know About The Powerful Healing Effects Of Adult Coloring!

There have been a couple of times when I suggested adult coloring to adults and they rolled their eyes at me. Adult coloring may not sound like a good idea to so many adults but it has a therapeutic effect that transcends drawing a piece of art. Coloring books are no longer just for the kids.

Many psychologies and therapists nowadays prescribe adult coloring to adult patients for a number of reasons. In most cases, these adults that initially thought that adult coloring is not a great idea usually come back to testify how beneficial they find them to be.

benefits of adult coloring

Many adults may still have their reservations about adult coloring but the benefits are well-known not just by psychologists who usually recommend them to their patients, but also by medical doctors.

No doubt, adult coloring has become more popular in recent years, but the trend did not start today. In fact, it has been around for a long, long time. The first adult coloring book was made in the 1960's, which is definitely a long time ago. It wasn't until recently that adult coloring started gaining increasing popularity.

History of Adult Coloring Book

Like I mentioned above, adult coloring book didn't start today. In fact, the first coloring book that was specifically designed for adults emerged in the early 1960s.

At the time, these coloring books were created to satirize, parody, and attract the attention of the public to the obsessions and absurdities that existed at the time.

Most people purchased these coloring books as a gift to friends and acquaintances with similar political and cultural leanings. Most of these coloring books are not something you would ever want your innocent kids to see.

The coloring books were used to made fun of hipsters, laughed at the "red scare" of communism, challenged sexual mores, and ridiculed politicians. These were a bit familiar with some coloring books that featured recent day politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Hilary Clinton.

The objectives of adult coloring books at the time are subversive - very different from the purpose they serve today. One of the first adult-oriented coloring books to be made is known as "the Executive Coloring Book". However, this coloring book is more like a parody of business than the recent day’s adult coloring books which are usually used for expressing oneself. 

It wasn't until the late 70's and 80's that a wider range of adult coloring books featuring TV shows and name-brand products started becoming popular. Indeed, there has been a lot of change in adult coloring books through time. If you want to know more about the history of adult coloring books, click here to read more.

Why Is Adult Coloring Becoming So Popular In Recent Years?

Despite a seemingly initial resistance, adult coloring is gaining a widespread recognition and popularity. A number of factors have contributed to the recent rise in popularity of adult coloring.

Not only is adult coloring fun, the coloring pages are more sophisticated and intricate than children's designs. It enables adult not just to freely express themselves but also challenge and satisfy their creative and crafty side.

positive living daily quotes

Besides, many psychologists nowadays usually recommend adult coloring because of its therapeutic effect. It offers a unique way to relieve stress while at the same time produce a beautiful work of art. Isn't that awesome? Keep on reading to learn other benefits of adult coloring.

What Are The Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are extremely therapeutic and can help generate wellness, quietness, mindfulness, and other benefits which meditation imparts on the brain. Some of the best benefits of adult coloring include:

(1) Healing Effect

Adult coloring did not start today. The great psychologist Carl Jung used to prescribe adult coloring to his patients to help them access their subconscious and new self-knowledge.

In recent days, psychologists prescribe coloring as a means of relaxation, alternative meditation, and as a calming tool. No doubt, these activities can help an individual with PTSD or a troubled-mind find peace.

Case Study: Entrepreneur Leisa McNeese revealed how coloring helped her to over a near-constant illness. Leisa suffered from flu and a constant headache. All the medication she took seems not to work until she learned about the healing effect of coloring. Within a few days of coloring, she was back to her old self. You can read more about this here.

(2) Relaxes the Mind

A study in 2006 discovered that adult coloring can help an individual relax. In this study, researchers found that adult coloring helped a group of women with cancer to significantly reduce the symptoms of physical and emotional distress during their treatment.

Healing effects of coloring books

Other studies have also shown that when thoughts are focused on a simple activity such as coloring, the brain tends to relax, the difficulties of life evaporate from our awareness, and both our bodies and our brains get rewarded.

(3) Bring Us Back To Simpler Time

Coloring can invoke the easier and happier times of childhood; those happy moments when you don't have to deal with so many responsibilities. Tapping into these memories can provide you with exceptionally recuperative effect.

Adult coloring has intellectual benefits as well. The enhanced focus and concentration during coloring help with problem-solving and organizational skills. 

Final Thought

Certainly, there is no doubt that adult coloring help serves many purposes that are beneficial. If at the end of the day, you really wish to relax, you should consider adult coloring.

The benefits are far-reaching and can last for a really long time. It is like taking a vacation without going anywhere.

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