Top 10 Best Travel Snacks!

Do you know that traveling with toddlers and kids are one of the most fun and memorable experience any parent would have? 

But being on the road or away from home will never be an easy trip. You
need a lot of planning to bring with you during the said trip and you definitely need to consider bringing along with you nutritious, healthy snacks suitable for the whole family!

This also means that you need to be mindful of what you are going to bring, most especially you have your little ones with you. It is also highly recommended that during your trip, you should not get your toddlers hungry. Because by doing so, they might throw tantrums with you and you do not want to have that.

So, if you are planning to have a vacation or traveling soon then here consider to pack these 10 travel snacks with you. You can choose whatever that pleases everybody.

1.) Fruits

As a parent, you do not want to feed your kids with some kind of unhealthy products. You only want the best for them, right? So, why not bring fruits. Kids would want these since they are sweet and pleasing in the eyes. But if you find it hard to pack then why not slice them into pica-pica sizes? You can also pack them according to how many kids you have. In this way, your little ones will not fight over a single snack. Because as we all know kids most of the time fight over little things.

2.) Yogurt

Traveling with kids does not mean that you will forget about taking care of yourself. It should also be about you, right? So maybe try to give yourself a treat and pack some of your favorite yogurts. Yogurts are not only good for adults but they are also good for kids and toddlers. This travel snack is a good source of vitamin D and calcium which is great in supporting the health of your bones and teeth. Most of the yogurts in the market contain probiotics, which are friendly bacteria. For your next trip, grab some yogurt and pack them inside your snack bag.

3.) Granola Bars

If you want a snack-to-go then these bars are for you. All you have to do is just open them and eat right from the pack. Granola bars are low-sugar, high-fiber snack which is best for your little kids. Plus, you can also make it as a topping for your yogurt so you won’t have a boring snack. In this way, your kids will have a fun and healthy snack at the same time.

4.) Mini Pancakes or Waffles

Since your kids have some size hands then try to make a small version of pancakes and waffles for them. Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking the plain and ordinary one. But for the sake of your kids and toddlers, consider putting some jellies and peanut butter.

5.) String Cheese

Well, if you want to keep your kids busy while you are driving or still in the road then serve them with string cheese. This snack is not your ordinary snack. Because this contains around 10-20 percent of the daily calcium which your kids need. The plain one is a good-to-go snack. But if you want some fun out of these string cheese then roll them in a ham and put it in your sandwiches.

6.) Vermilion Jelly

Yes, you read it right. We recommend you bringing the Vermilion jelly any where you go to, especially the Red Ginseng health jelly!

Ginseng has been used for millennia for the maintenance of general health and well being. It has often been called the “elixir for longevity”. 

Different types of ginseng exists, with the 6 year-old Korean Red Ginseng being the most sought after. 

This is the same type of ginseng that the Korean Kings of old used to enjoy.

7.) Fruit juice

If you will consider bringing this over then you better chill them into the fridge and pack them correctly. You do not want to spill them over to your stuff so you should seal them properly. Or maybe bring some straws for your little ones so that they won’t have a hard time in drinking these juices.

8.) Crackers 

Consider to pair these with the string cheese and you are good to go. This travel snack is also good for everyone who wants to stay away from starvation. And you do not want your kids and toddlers to experience starvation or hungry stomach, right? So the next time you travel, bring some crackers and serve them to your kids before they cry out loud.

9.) Almonds

It is true that nuts won’t go nuts against you. Almonds are one of the most eaten snacks to fight hungry stomach. Your kids will surely love these snacks because they will have fun in picking and chewing almonds. If you are planning to bring these to your next trip then you should be prepared with a lot of water just in case they want some.

10.) Pretzels

Almost all kids want some pretzels. So why not spoil them over what they want for some time. Well, you are not just spoiling them but you are also trying to keep their moods in good condition. Because after all, you do not want some tantrums during your travel.

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