11 Best Affirmations for Achieving Success, Health and Happiness!

As Christmas and the New Year is fast approaching, I have already began to do my own self reflection for the year and contemplation for the upcoming Christmas and new year. Every year around this time of the year i will sit down in a quiet place and jot down my mantras and affirmations to achieving success, health and happiness.

Best affirmations for chistmas and new year
Here is my checklist!
  1. SET YOUR OWN STANDARDS BY WHICH TO OPERATE AND KEEP RAISING THE BAR – stick to being committed, dedicated and disciplined.

  2. Always be present in the moment and plan for future success. Motivated and disciplined workers/partners and clients make for a great match-up!

  3. Be punctual and keep your word.

  4. Be constant, consistent, stick to your guns and be persistent. Grow and expand your own abilities, competencies and skill-set.

  5. Have a goal and vision, plan for your life and business, success and happiness – do not leave it up to random chance. Take control of both process and outcome.

  6. Always be non-ambiguous, honest, and stay focused on what really matters – do not get side-tracked, distracted, panic or depressed.

  7. Plan and then take action! (Whether it is slimming down or getting your health back, seriously, PLAN!)

  8. Reward yourself and celebrate achievement and success, accomplishments and reached goals.

  9. Take a longer-term perspective.

  10. Take deliberate steps everyday to get you closer to your goal(s).

  11. Always start what you finish and do not give up on your dream, your goal and definition of success and happiness for you! YOU CAN MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT AND STICK TO YOUR PLANS.
What’s your list? Please share and i’ll love to hear more about it!
"He Who Has Health, Has Hope. And He Who Has HOPE, Has Everything!" 
~ Thomas C

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