25 Amazing Health and Fitness Notes & Quotes to Start Your Day Right!

It is always hard to start your day without any motivation to wake you up.

It is even harder to start your fitness session without the right motivation which could help you to be encouraged as you go by.

So if you are looking for some health and fitness quotes to motivate your daily life then grab a pen and make a list of these amazing quotes.

25 Amazing Health & Fitness Quotes to Motivate You to Start Your Day Right-1

1.) Stop making EXCUSES!

You’ll start your day right if you stop thinking about what to use as your excuse. Stop making them. It will not take you any far from your bed or your chair.

2) “Fitness is like a marriage. You can’t cheat on it and expect it to work”. - Bonnie Pfiester

You better not cheat on anything if you expect the best result of it.

3.) Better be soring than being sorry

If it sores it works but if it doesn’t then do not stop. Say your sorries to your body right after you take that last shot of lift. Don’t worry you are still fine.

4.) “A year from now you will wish you had started today”. – Karen Lamb

So do not wait for a year to pass by just for you to start regretting. You do not want that to happen.

5.) You can do it

Things might tell you, you cannot but believe me, you still can. The fact that you are still capable of complaining then you are still capable to do more.

25 Amazing Health & Fitness Quotes to Motivate You to Start Your Day Right-2

6.) “It’s your health. Don’t leave it up to someone else”. -Lisa Barger

Stop depending on someone else. You got nobody to rely on. It is your own health and never expect anyone to save it for you.

7.) Change your perspectives about life.

It is just a matter of how you see things on your side. If you are not satisfied yet, then change positions.

8.) There’s no room for complaints

If you keep on murmuring around then you are a universe away from your goal. Do not keep moving around the circle if you know the place is square. Stop complaining. There is no room for that,

9.) “Your body is an instrument, not an ornament” – Ariane Machin

So use it as you please but try not to abuse it.

10.) Stand up and move

Get your body off of anything that hinders you not to do the right thing. Now is the perfect time to stand up and move.

25 Amazing Health & Fitness Quotes to Motivate You to Start Your Day Right-3

11.) If you fall then pick yourself up

Do not waste time for waiting for someone to pick you up. No one is coming. You just have yourself. Start by that and take a step back and move.

12.) Fit is not a destination

It surely is not. Do not push yourself to get earlier to your destination. Sometimes you need to enjoy the journey. Being fit is not the main thing here. It is how you stay fit as you reached your body goal.

13.) The best way to predict your future is to create it.

If you do not want to get scared about your future then start by creating it. There is no time for waiting and sitting and wondering.

14.) You are what you eat

Stop acting like you did not cheat yesterday or the other day. Remember you will be what you eat. If you keep on eating more than you enough you will soon become what you ate. You do not want that, right?

15.) Wake up in bed with motivation. Go to bed with satisfaction.

You always wanted to be satisfied then start by motivating yourself right when you wake up from the bed.

25 Amazing Health & Fitness Quotes to Motivate You to Start Your Day Right-4

16.) The greatest wealth is health

If you have poor health because of stress from work then stop saving money from that work.

You are just making nothing. It would be better to save your health because it is the greatest wealth one could ever have.

17.) Be somebody nobody thought you could be

Let all the people think you can’t. Then, later on, let then take those words back. It would satisfy you more, believe me.

18.) “At some point, I came to realize overeating was adding to my hurt, not soothing it”. –Liza Terkeust

Take a lesson from her. If you think of overeating now and regretting it later then you are totally wrong.

19.) “The groundwork of all happiness is good health”. – L. Hunt

Who doesn’t want happiness right? We all want that. So you better have a good health for a better happiness in life.

20.) “Trust the process and keep doing what you are doing”.- Kaycee Wolf

Just start by trusting the process and keep doing it. If it doesn’t work then try another one. Do not stop from there.

25 Amazing Health & Fitness Quotes to Motivate You to Start Your Day Right-5

21.) Eat like you love yourself

Your body is the mirror of your actions. So you better take a look at what you have done. If you love it then take care of it.

22.) No pain no gain

Just endure the pain. You will get the reward soon.

23.) Sweat is fat crying.

Think that way and you will be a step closer to your goals.

24.) Someday is not a day of a week. Start today

Do not think of doing it someday. You better start today, at least that day is a day in a week.

25.) Start to love yourself.

If you don’t then who else will?

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