8 Best Books to Read To Learn To Increase Your Energy Levels and Vitality!

Energy is important as it allows our bodies and minds to execute a series of activities throughout the day and in our lives.

This energy is derived from the foods we eat and the way our bodies process them. As such, it becomes crucial to consume the types of food that help boost energy and promote vitality. Pick up some books and learn how you can learn to increase your energy levels and stamina!

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1. The Double Energy Diet: Improve Your Health and Vitality…Naturally!
By Judi Zucker

Their program helps you lose weight gradually and permanently while simultaneously boosting your energy with life enhancing natural foods. Over 70 flavorful, easy-to-prepare recipes will satisfy physical hunger and psychological cravings as well. Endorsed by doctors and fitness experts, The Double Energy Diet is based on smart, practical information that can improve your health and increase vitality.

2. Energy Boost By Michael Stevens
Aligning Your Body’s Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality Sleep Better, Beat Anxiety, Improve Life Energy, Avoiding Pain and Healing Fast Youth And Good Health.

3. Relaunch Your Life Force: Reclaim Your Energy and Achieve Vitality for LifeBy Ivette Desai
As we get older so many of us struggle with low energy, fatigue, weight gain, poor sleep, aches& pains and mood swings. Too many times we are being told that it is part of the aging process. Meanwhile we may use artificial stimulants, relaxants, and even unnecessary medications to get through the day.

4. Your Hands Can Heal You By Master Stephen Co, Eric B. Robins M.D., John Merryman
Pranic Healing Energy Remedies to Boost Vitality and Speed Recovery from Common Health Problems. In Your Hands Can Heal You, you’ll find easy-to-learn methods to generate energy, including non-touch hand movements; the basic tenets of energetic hygiene; full-body breathing; and brief meditations. With the expert training and guidance of Stephen Co, you’ll learn how to conquer a wide range of disorders.

5. Energy Medicine for Women By Donna Ede
Hormonal health is essential to a woman’s well-being, and in this groundbreaking book Eden reveals that a woman can manage her hormones by managing her energies. In fact, energy medicine is effective in treating a host of  health issues. From PMS to menopause, from high blood pressure to depression, it offers solutions to women’s health issues that traditional medicine often fails to provide.

6. Qi Gong for Total Wellness By Baolin Wu, Jessica Eckstein
 Increase Your Energy, Vitality, and Longevity with the Ancient 9 Palaces System from the White Cloud Monastery. This introduction to the concepts of Qi Gong and contains exercises and methods pertaining to each part of the body, with clear instructions how to accurately apply the methods of Solar Qi Gong to increase physical and mental health using this ancient art.

7. Mindfulness & Meditation By Venerable Thubten Lhundrup (Chris McGlone)
Relieve stress, reduce anxiety and increase your energy and vitality. Featuring 18 meditations, from a simple breath meditation to a compassion meditation and to a more advanced meditation that reflects on actions of the past and how to best avoid them in the future, Mindfulness & Meditation enables anyone to move towards enlightenment – a journey that will bring a sense of peace, calm and, ultimately, happiness.

8. Dahn Yoga Energy Breathing By Dawn Quaresima
Boost Your Energy and Vitality Paperback. This enjoyable self-training CD will guide you to discover greater energy and rejuvenation through Dahn Yoga energy breathing postures. The CD’s introductory section provides you with greater understanding of the breathing method and the principles that underlie the practice.

9.Good Gut, Great Health By Vicki Edgson
By focusing on digestive health as a route to true health, the Grayshott Plan helps to boost your energy and rebalance weight safely through a nutrient rich diet that will give you everything you need to face the demands of modern life.The Plan dispels the misguided notion of ‘detoxifying’ through spartan, punitive regimes and instead focuses on regaining good health by eating the right foods to aid the body’s natural detoxification.

10. The Energy Medicine Kit by Donna Eden
Simple, Effective Techniques to Help You Boost Your Vitality and Feel Better Now Misc. Supplies. You begin by learning a powerful Daily Energy Practice that combines simple movements, pressure point massage, and breathwork to create a reservoir of vital life force that you can draw upon throughout the day. With guidance on DVD and CD, Eden teaches you over 30 specific on-the-spot energy healing exercises to strengthen your immune system, alleviate fatigue and chronic pain, focus and sharpen your mind, stabilize your emotional energies, and much more. Faith is a kind of immune system filtering out fears that otherwise would paralyze all activity. Taking the best of both worlds, 

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Best Books to Read to Learn To Increase Your Energy and Vitality