8 Muscle Gain Myths You Should Know About!

Are you into training and your objective is having muscle gain? Here are some of the interesting muscle gain myths you should know about!

Muscle gain myths

1. Eat loads of protein

Our bodies build and repair muscle tissue through something called protein synthesis. Not surprisingly, protein is the key nutrient for fueling this process, which explains why serious lifters consume so many shakes and chicken breasts.

2. Heavy weights with few repetitions

His myth has been around for ages and many still adhere to it, but building strength is a lot more complicated than a two-step approach. Muscle & Fitness explains that you need to vary weight, repetitions, speed, and technique to get the best results.

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3. You Should Train a Muscle Group Once a Week

If muscle building is your goal, what would be better? Stimulating a muscle 52 times a year, or 104 times a year? It’s a no-brainer.

But a large percentage of gym-goers are still only training muscle groups once per week.

4. You can crunch your way to a six-pack

Scoring a sculpted midsection has a lot more to do with fat than it does the actual muscle. Everybody has abs, they’re just usually covered up with a bit of extra insulation.

5. The more often you lift, the bigger you’ll get

Back in the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin wrote, “There are no gains without pains.” Somewhere in time, the phrase morphed into “no pain, no gain” and the workout world has never been the same since. Though it’s true you should push yourself to improve, going too far leaves many people overstrained and injured.

6. You Should Train Every Day

Training every day ignores the most overlooked factor in muscle growth: recovery.

The importance of recovery cannot be overlooked, and strategically increasing your work capacity to deal with higher training frequencies.

7. Change Up Your Workout Every Week

Training Attention Deficit Disorder' is a big problem amongst trainees trying to build muscle.

With the increased availability of information on the internet, people are now program-hopping and changing all aspects of their work out every time they step in the gym.

8. Fully exhaust one muscle group per day

Conversations around the locker room usually revolve around what day it is, as in “back day” or “arm day” — a classic approach gym rats have used for years. The idea is to fully work one muscle group to achieve the best results, but it’s still not very efficient.

Interesting muscle gain myths