Benefits of Fasting - Is Fasting the Starting Point for a Whole New Life?

Most fitness and health consultants would agree on the results of fasting on the soul and our body. Here are the 5 amazing benefits of fasting if you are wondering if fasting will really do wonders to your health.

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1. Re-tune your system

Not many of us understand this. However, fasting is often one of the best ways for you to grant your system a tune up. According to Dr. Naomi Neufeld, a medical specialist at UCLA, “You re-tune the body, suppress hormone secretion, scale back the desire for sugar, thus sugar becomes one thing you are less keen on taking.”

What happens is that the body eventually uses up the stored sugar (glycogen) so that less insulin is needed to help the body digest food. And that gives your pancreas a rest.

2. Scale down on your intake of free radicals

Mark Mattson, a scientist with the National Institute on Aging, has commented that fasting can reduce your intake of free radicals, which can cause cancer. In fact, according to Mattson, “These free radicals will attack proteins, DNA, the nucleus of cells, the membranes of cells. They can damage all those different molecules in cells.

“Even just reducing your calorie intake can have the same effects as a fast. In a study amongst rats and mice, it was noted that those who were fed very little and restricted in their food intake had a reduction in disease compared to those who were fed normal daily diets.

3. Speed up your journey to self-discovery

Speed up your journey to self-discovery

We are all creatures of habit.

And eating, just like smoking and sleeping, is a habit. What happens during a fast is that by taking away such an essential part of your daily routine, you mess up your whole schedule.

This sounds bad but it’s not. It’s really a time to reflect on your routines and give you a pause to think about how you want your life to move forward.

By fasting, you become more conscious of yourself and you can take the time usually spent eating to meditate, journal, or do any other form of reflection.

4. Increase your gratitude

How could you not be grateful to break your fast? And after each day when you do break fast, it’s a celebration.

It is a celebration for a completed day of fasting, reflection, and persistence. So rejoice and celebrate your success!

Show gratitude to yourself and others.And when you break your fast, you will be very happy to taste food again. And contrary to some beliefs, you won’t binge on food. In fact you will be more conscious of what you allow into your body and feel gratitude for the food you receive.

5. Launch yourself into your ideal life

Sounds like a pretty big benefit for something as simple as fasting. But it’s true. When you begin your fast you can take this time to break old patterns, examine your current situation, and use it as the starting point for a whole new life.

Fasting can be done in many different ways.

Below is a list of the different types of fasting that is commonly practiced.

• Complete Fast: In complete fast, every two hours you drink a glass of water and a glass of warm water together with some lemon juice is taken an hour after. The main purpose of taking lemon juice in warm water is to prevent gas formation. If one needs some energy during this period, then a spoon of honey may also be taken with lemon juice in ordinary water also. Water of a tender coconut may also be taken during this fasting.

• Milk-Banana diet- In this kind of fast, one cup of skimmed milk and a banana is taken alternatively three to four times a day. Added to that honey and lemon juice and lemon juice in warm water may also be taken.

• Fruit diet: In this kind of fast, a person lives only on fruit and fruit juices. Again, in this fast, water and lemon juice in water can be continued. But his fast must not exceed 6-7 days; otherwise the body will become deficient of essential enzymes and amino acids.

• Fruit and Vegetable diet: In such a diet, lightly boiled or steamed vegetables can also be taken besides fruits. But the use of salt must be avoided. This fast can also not exceed more than 6-7 days at a stretch.

• Traditional Fast: In this kind of fast, a light meal is taken only once a day. This meal may contain a little of salt, sugar and fat. But one does not take any fruit, vegetables, tea, juices besides that meal. Ordinary water or lemon juice in warm water may be taken alternatively. This kind of fast is traditionally kept on full moon day or on the first day of the solar month.

• Water Fast: You can fast from 1 to 40 days. Try to drink 2 litres of water or more per day.  The ten day water fast has become a recommended number of days. Ten days on water will cause the same weight loss as 30 days on juice. But water fasting is far more difficult, especially if you have a fast metabolism. Water fasting cleanses the body aggressively removing toxins rapidly. It can be more beneficial than juice fasting in combating more persistent forms of cancer, cleansing the tissues more aggressively.

Water fasting demands mental preparation, the less pressure and responsibility you have during water fast the better. Think of it a holiday away form the normal patterns of living. Some recommend that the week before your fast, you drink fresh juices and eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables to cleanse the body so that the detoxification during water fasting will be less aggressive. Water fasting should always include two of three days of juice fasting before and after the water fast.

This alternating between juice and water fasting is the most effective method of achieving a full cleansing through fasting.


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