Best Food Combining Tips for Health and Weight Loss!

Have you ever wondered if you can combine food for better health and weight loss? A basic principle of food combining is to only combine foods that have similar digestion times.

According to nutritionist and food-combining advocate Dr. Stanley Bass, water, juice, fruits and vegetables have generally short digestion times of under 45 minutes, and whole grains, dairy products, proteins, nuts, seeds and complex carbohydrates take more than one hour and sometimes as long as several hours to digest.

Proponents of food combining believe that the stomach overworks when it digests a variety of foods at a single meal, and it's healthiest for the stomach to handle similar types of food at once.

When the stomach has completed the majority of digestion for one group of items and is mostly empty, it's permissible to eat again.

1. Good combinations of foods

Combine foods that have similar digestion times or that are in the same food group (with the exception of proteins, which should be limited to one type at each meal).

Alder Brooke Healing Arts recommends combining vegetables with buttery or fatty foods, carbohydrates or proteins.

Other good combinations include starches with carbohydrates or proteins and fatty foods with carbohydrates.

2. Bad combinations of foods

Avoid combining starches and carbohydrates with proteins! Acidic foods and basic (alkaline) foods should be eaten separately as well.

Fruits and most juices are composed largely of simple carbohydrates and take only a short time to digest; therefore, it's best to avoid consuming them with any other foods.

Finally, desserts do not combine well with any meal.

They are heavy in sugar, and food-combining advocates believe that they ferment in the stomach rather than digest easily.

3. Chewing

People who follow the principles of food combining believe that it's important to completely chew all foods at all meals.

Some people also stress the importance of chewing all foods thoroughly before swallowing them, almost to the point of liquidizing them.

The organization notes that partially chewed food is almost always only partially digested and can pass through the body without fully dispersing its vitamins, minerals and nutrients.”

4. Food combination vs. weight gain

The most common concern of almost every person is their weight as they age. They have tried almost all the diet plans around and yet most are still disappointed with the results.

Some people offer weight loss programs at gyms and at yoga classes.

However, not everyone have the luxury or time to do both.

So what makes food combining so promising when it comes to weight loss?

Several studies have shown that increased intake of fruit, vegetables, dietary fibre, vitamins C and B6, beta-carotene and folate can help in reducing weight in a population of overweight adults and as supported by a study published in Nutrition Research.

The rules are pretty simple and if followed will ensure the success of the much wanted shedding of unwanted weight.

Remember, fruits maybe nourishing and jam-packed with the vital vitamins and minerals but it is digested so quickly, so it doesn’t mix well with starches and proteins.

It’s been said that yogurt is also very quick and easy to digest. Yogurt and all kinds of fruit go well together.

Acidic fruits such as apples and oranges can be a particular problem if they are eaten too close to a starchy meal.

Banana is the only really flexible fruit.

Truth is, bananas are quite starchy so banana is good to go with porridge and cereals but it is also easy to digest so goes well with yogurt.

Eat fruit as a snack between meals or as a starter to a main course in other words, on an empty stomach.

Or leave a gap between courses.

Some have tried doing the practice of food combining to lose weight by following the some simple, golden rules.

• Eat starches and proteins apart
• Eat fruit separately
• Try and leave 15 to 30 minutes between main course and dessert
• Don’t worry about food combining seven day every week, five is fine

There are still some who try to lose weight by losing their body fat. It is a fact that our body is seventy percent water.

Little is known by many that having enough water in our body could help us lose weight.

Water effectively flushes out the toxins that are in our body and thus a reduction in body fat.

When one is bloated with excess water, it is said that drinking more water helps ease the bloat by helping to run the body more efficiently and thereby eventually lose that weight!


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