Chiropractic Care – How to Reduce Joint Pain and Stiffness!

While the thought of cracking joints and bones doesn’t sound like something to reduce pain, chiropractic care is one of the leading all-natural ways to help maintain a pain-free lifestyle when living with arthritis. You can learn to overcome joint paint and prevent joint stiffness!

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Chiropractors are known for manipulating and adjusting the spine to help with pain, but the benefits can go beyond that.

Chiropractors are also trained to apply different degrees of force to adjust misaligned joints. This will improve the relationship of your spine and your nervous system. By doing this, not only can there be pain relief, but it will affect the function of all systems of the body.

You will receive care from your Chiropractor that fits your ailments. While one person may need a complete cracking of the back or neck, Chiropractors employ over a hundred different methods solely based on pressure and force. 

You should expect that a Chiropractor will take a full examination of every joint, possibly order X-Rays, and get a full medical history in order to determine the best treatment possible for you.

Now, it is pointed out that if you have active inflammation due to Osteoporosis in the spine or neck, you shouldn’t be treated with Chiropractic Therapy. But for those with osteoarthritis, it is one of the safest treatments on the  market.

While currently inflamed joints are not worked on, Chiropractors can offer several other therapies to help. 

These therapies include:

(1) Ultrasounds

Though normally an imaging technology, when used on soft tissues and joints, sound waves can have a massaging effect which helps reduce swelling and decrease pain.

(2) Electrotherapy

As discussed in our report, the electric pulses, not painful, stimulate the nerves and muscles.

(3) Low-Level or Cold Laser

This technique uses a non-heat producing laser or light to penetrate the deep tissue, helping to reduce inflammation.

(4) Infrared Sauna

These rooms use a controlled heat to relieve pain and reduce pain over the whole body.

Techniques used by Chiropractors can help reduce joint pain and discomfort, decrease inflammation, improve flexibility, improve motion, and increase activity and quality of life for those suffering the effects of arthritis. 

Make sure to research your doctors thoroughly and you can always discuss the positives and negatives with your physician before making an appointment.  

As always, this is not a replacement for your doctor’s pain management regimen and should be discussed with your physician.

We hope our tips and information finds you well and sends you forward into a pain-free future.

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Overcome joint pain and stiffness