Daily Affirmations: I Eliminate Bad Habits So I Can Live A Healthy Lifestyle!

It is relatively easy to create new positive habits.

All that is required is to practice the desired action daily, until, through repetition, it becomes hard-wired into the subconscious mind.

Getting rid of an old, unwanted habit is not quite so easy.

It all depends on how long it has been a part of your life. The most effective way to eliminate an old habit is to find a new empowering one to replace it with using daily affirmation. Try this today!

On our habits and nutrition

I think of my body as a temple and I choose to take care of it. I know the value of my life, and I appreciate what I’ve been given and take care of what I have. Bad habits can cause havoc and destruction in my body, so they have no place in my life.

My good habits are strong. My bad habits are weak. I let go of bad habits and bring healthy, good habits into my life. They are what I surround myself with. I know how important good habits are to a healthy lifestyle, and I embrace them.

I am strong, pure, and capable of keeping bad habits away from me. Only good habits are allowed into my life. I am healthy and I stay that way by taking care of myself.

Good habits are enjoyable to me and I relish them. I know the value and wisdom of having good habits in all aspects of my life. I use them for both mental and physical gain. I also use my good habits at home and at work, each and every day.

When bad habits appear, I gently push them away. They leave me easily, and I move past them without difficulty or regret. I need only good habits to be happy and whole. I share my good habits with others, and we all become healthier in the process.  

Today, I plan to practice only good habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Here's your self reflection questions:

  1. How can I eliminate my bad habits to live healthier?
  2. What should I avoid to foster a healthy lifestyle?
  3. What are my healthy lifestyle goals for the future?

I hope you'll find the above affirmations useful. Please do share with your friends!

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Your daily affirmations