Daily Positive Affirmations: I Feed my Spirit, Focus my Mind, and Train my Body.

Contrary to popular belief, a self affirmation will work to motivate you, but there’s a catch: it is only effective if you have high self-esteem.

Think of this as a menu of options. Each morning, immediately upon rising, select a few and say them out loud and/or write them down.

Doing this will set the tone for your day and get you moving in a positive direction.

Healing affirmations

Each day, I do what I can to enhance my spirit, mind, and body. When they are healthy and thriving, I am at my best.

I feed my spirit each day. I do this by investigating my interests. I explore new ideas and concepts that interest me. 

I live a life that allows me to feel free. My spirit grows when I have the freedom to be myself.

I focus my mind on the things that matter. I know what matters in my life, and those are the things that get my attention.

I avoid wasting my mental energy on things that are of little consequence or beyond my control.

My ability to focus grows greater each day. I am in control of my thoughts and attention. My mind is focused on my goals. I reject all distractions. I have the focus of a monk.

I train my body. This is the only body I have, so I respect it greatly. I take wonderful care of it.

Each day, I am becoming stronger, healthier, and fitter.

My body houses my spirit and my mind, so it is my temple. I take care of my temple and train it consistently. Fitness is important to me.

Today, I am focused in my mind, spirit, and body. Everything else is on hold. I feed my spirit, focus my mind, and train my body. This is my new mantra.

Your Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I feed my spirit each day? How will this impact my life?
  2. How well am I able to focus? What am I focusing on each day?
  3. How would I rate my overall health and fitness? What can I do to strengthen my health?

Let me know what you think of today’s affirmation tips! Please share!

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I Feed My Spirit