How to Protect Your Joints? Know the Worst Foods to Avoid for Arthritis and Joint Pain!

The body's immune system can actually attack normal and healthy cells mistakenly when affected be rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune disease.

This, in turn, causes inflammation in the tissue which lines the inside of our joints resulting in the thickening of the tissue and eventually, over time, destroys the bone as well as the cartilage that make up the joints.

Generally, inflammation is no doubt the major factor that causes rheumatoid arthritis and one of the best ways to deal with the associated pain is to always eat a diet that helps to fight inflammation or avoid foods that could lead to inflammation.

It is believed that we are actually what we eat, so, one very effective strategy that will help prevent and relieve joint pain is to avoid eating these seven foods.

- Avoid Eating Processed Foods- Since snacks, packaged as well as ready-to-eat foods lack wholesome nutrition, they should not be part of your meal. They are filled with various additives, preservatives as well as sugars and these aid inflammation.

- Avoid Excess Salt- If you have a habit of adding extra salt to your veggies or eggs, then consider changing that habit. Excess salt not only increases the risk of high blood pressure but it has been identified by researchers to be a potential environmental factor for immune-related inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis.

- Food Additives- Monosodium glutamate or MSG is commonly found in Chinese food and it is a chemical-based food additive which is capable of triggering an inflammatory response. In the event that you have rheumatoid arthritis, then your immune system has already been skewed which makes it likely to identify MSG as well as other artificial food additives as foreign bodies and attacking them might result to further inflammation.

- Avoid Fried Foods- Apart from leading to obesity, fried foods also lead to the formation of Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) and guess what, they are harmful compounds that are actually linked to inflammation as well as oxidative stress.

- Stay away from Unhealthy Fats- You need to avoid all saturated fats, Trans fats, and hydrogenated oils. You can take more of omega-3 fats to increase your body's ability to fight inflammation.

- Tobacco and Alcohol- Taking alcohol while on pain medication is not recommended and it is most likely that if you're having arthritis, then you're on pain medications.

Alcohol is believed to support low-grade inflammation while studies have discovered that the levels of IL-6 which is a pro-inflammatory marker were remarkably associated with smoking and specifically among current smokers, so you need to stop smoking if you're trying to relieve joint pain.

- Dairy- For some people, the symptoms of rheumatoid may actually flare up in response to casein (this is a protein that can be found in milk), in that case, avoiding dairy will help relieve the pains.

It has been recommended that the Mediterranean Diet is the best option for people with rheumatoid arthritis since it greatly increases the nutrient levels that help to reduce the inflammatory activity of the immune system.

So, start making the right changes to your diet today and avoid inflammation-triggering foods. You will certainly relieve joint pain and also reduce your dependence on pain medication.


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