Top 10 Food to Eat to Prepare Yourself for a Great Marathon!

This article features top 10 food for increasing stamina and strength. It aims to help runners with their preparation for upcoming marathon. If you looking for a marathon preparation diet guide the following tips will assist you to prepare for a GREAT marathon.

The following food checklist has proven to help runners achieve great amounts of energy and sustain strength while engaging themselves to a very tiring marathon activity.         

Food to Eat to Prepare for Marathon


A popular source of potassium for runners. It can provide 400mg potassium per serving. Bananas can help sustain energy from running long-distance or when the climate is hot.  


One serving of oatmeal contains about 25grams of carbohydrates. Just by eating one serving, you can manage to run afterwards. You can say then that oats could be the best running fuel based from this circumstance.

Besides providing you energy-giving carbohydrates, it also has great amounts of fiber nutrients.      

Peanut Butter

Contrary to the notion that peanut butter is bad for your diet, runners see it as a good source of protein and antioxidant. It can also help lower blood cholesterol due to the presence of good fatty acids in peanut butter.  

Training - Just doing it!


This particular vegetable is a good source of vitamin C which according to studies, can help reduce or even prevent muscle pain. Thus, runners are being advice to include broccoli within their diet so they can carry on with their intense workouts.

Plain Yogurt

You need yogurt for your bone health because it can provide your loads of calcium nutrients. Plain yogurt is better, just add fruits for added vitamins. Yogurt is also a very good source of probiotics that can help keep bad bacteria out of your system. As runners, you must have a stronger immune system to fight diseases.


Another great source of carbohydrates and antioxidants that can help runners to stay healthy and strong for the coming marathon. It can also provide runners some potassium and fiber nutrients. To get all of its nutrients, don’t peel the skin - consume all of it.


This kind of fish will help you store great amounts of protein. It also has omega 3 fats on it that is good for your heart. This is important to help your heart prepare for a strenuous activity like running for marathon. If you’re feeling tired from training, salmon has vitamin D which can help improve your mood.   

Leafy Greens

Eating salad greens for example promotes normal blood circulation. You need it to get your blood flowing which in effect, can help energize your body. If you think that you need to lose some weight, add leafy greens to your diet for few calories.


Make sure to include eggs for your breakfast because is the best food for running stamina.  Just like salmon, it is packed with protein which is responsible to boosting body energy level. It also helps in stabilizing your blood sugar level which in effect can make your stamina up and running.   

Lean Beef

A protein-rich food to help speed up muscle recovery and growth. As runners, you badly need proteins to survive your intensive workouts, trainings and the marathon itself.

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