Top 7 Effective Slimming Tips to Get You Ready for the Parties and Holidays!

Holidays and parties will come a few months from now. But are you well prepared? Let’s not talk about the budget here, but instead, it is about your body.

Yes, you read it right. Did you reach your body goals already?

Or maybe you are still searching for what is the most effective slimming tips for you. Well, you are in the perfect place! 

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1.) When you eat, EAT and CHEW SLOW

If you are under military class or any circumstance which needs you to rush on your food then you better take it slow.

Did you know that the quicker you eat the longer you feel you are full? It is because our body takes a longer time to register the amount of food we eat.

Remember that the first process of digesting is done inside your mouth. This process is one of the important cycles in digesting the food you take.

Chew your food around 15-20 cycle around your mouth. In this way, you did not only digest your food properly but you also have tasted every piece of the food.

Not only that, because by doing this technique you are one step in aiming your awesome body goal for the holidays.

Take note: No one is pressuring you to finish your food.

Do not be afraid that someone might get your food away from you so chew properly and enjoy the meal. And if you enjoy snacking, check out our slimming jelly that will help you achieve your slimming goals!

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2.) Cook your own meal rather than eating it in the restaurants

Preparing your own meal is a way of controlling the food you take. It is too hard to manage to eat a certain portion of a meal you ordered in a restaurant.


Well, it is because you paid every single thing they prepared for you and you do not want to waste a single cent, do you?

Aside from the fact that you want to slim down your body, you are also helping your pocket to lose some of its weight, right?

The next time you crave something from a certain restaurant, try to cook it at home.

In this way, you are practicing your cooking skills and you are also helping your body to lose some of those unwanted weights.

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3.) Lower the amount of your sugar intake

The easiest way to decrease your sugar intake is to read the labels.

But if you are ordering it from a store, then ask them to lessen the sugar portion of your order. If you will not carefully look the sugar intake you have for a day then you are way too far too slim down your body.

The technique is to cut down the sugar intake around half portion of it. In this way, you will have a less craving for sugar the next day.

This means that by doing it for a week will you are moving a big step towards your fit body goal for the holidays.

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4.) Weigh in a weekly basis

Take a note of your weight when you start your diet. Then, after a week, weigh in again.

Do it on a weekly basis.

This process will give a hint whether you are doing the right thing or not. It will also give you an idea of how far you are to your goal.

By doing this process, you will be more conscious of your food intake and your exercise sessions.

Do not forget to also take note of your body weight goal. Write it in a bigger size so that it will motivate you more by just looking the numbers of it.

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5.) Have a proper exercise

Exercise is the greatest way in slimming down your body. Have a proper exercise around 5-6 times a week.

For you to aim your body goal easier is to do the hardest part of exercising. Do not be too lazy, there is no time for that right now. Remember that the holidays and parties are just a few months away.

It is suggested that to avoid boredom in exercising you should try to cross exercise. This means that you do different exercises every day. By doing this you are avoiding the boredom and moving away from laziness.

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6.) Stop eating out from a bag

A snack bag is the biggest temptation which is too hard to stay away from.

But if you really want to eat some chips or something from a certain bag, then read the label get the enough amount of portion you need and put away the snack bag. It is not that hard, right?

You are still eating your cravings but this time with the enough amount you need in a day. It is a win-win situation, right?

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7.) Eat a lot of vegetables

In slimming the best friend you have out there is the vegetable. It will never be your enemy. Vegetables will help you in your journey towards your body goal.

So, the next time you choose your meal, take plenty of vegetables and eat them first. This way you will fill your empty stomach with the right food for your body.

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