What Foods Contain Healthy Proteins and Speed Up Your Body’s Metabolic Rate for Healthy Weight Loss?

When you want to plan a good meal and diet, take into consideration the kind of foods containing healthy proteins AND which will also help you to speed up your body's metabolic rate. The following foods contain proteins that will speed up your body’s metabolic rate, thus leading to a healthy and safe weight loss.

 (1) Whey Concentrate

The great thing about whey concentrate is that it comes with multiple unique properties that can help you with your weight loss and maintenance goals. This food has high levels of cysteine, which effectively promotes glutathione production, and thus helps the body in combating inflammation and oxidative stress.

Research has shown that inflammation and oxidative stress can cause weight gain by simply damaging the metabolism with sugar.

Whey concentrate has also been discovered to enhance the function of insulin. It is also designed to relieve those who experience stress eating, as it can boost your serotonin levels. However, make sure that your whey concentrate is examined in order for you not to get too much lactose. 

(2) Eggs

Most people think that eggs have high fat content. Well, this is partly true, but when you eat it in isolation, i.e. one egg at a time, it can be a great food for weight loss. It can also increase the glucagon production, a hormone that functions to boost blood sugar while increasing the body’s fat burning ability. 

(3) Egg Whites

Egg whites come with multiple properties, making it a great food for weight loss. The body uses up a lot of energy in digesting them, and thus you are able to burn calories. In addition, when egg whites are consumed without carbohydrates, your body is forced to secrete high levels of glucagons, which are known as effective fat loss promoters. 

(4) Fish

Fish is also a great source of protein because it is lean and comes with a great amount of fat. Experts say that fish is an indispensable component of any weight loss or weight control program. 

Now that you have discovered the best foods for protein, why don’t you include them in your diet now? You will be surprised by the results later on.

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