3 Awesome Fitness Tips for Marathon Runners and Passionate Joggers

Excited to be on the run for that most awaited marathon? Is your strength and stamina ready for that physical activity? Here are some fitness tips for you. 

1) Take one step at a time

Do not abuse your body for it has certain limitations also. Take a single movement at a time. If you are building your strength and stamina for a long marathon then you better build it slowly but surely.

Keep the consistency and be very patient.

By consistency, it does not mean that you will only have the same exercise with the same time of accomplishing it. Being consistent here means you need to be consistent of your goal and try to focus on that while you are still training for the Marathon.

On the other hand, being patient here means you need to build your stamina and strength over time.

An example will be like this, if you run 10k for around 36 minutes the next time you do the exercise try to beat it around 30 minutes and so on.

2) Maintain a balanced diet

It is greatly not advisable to run with an empty stomach. Before you train for your running, try eat a diet full of protein, iron, calcium, vitamins, essential fiber and fat.

In order for your body to be ready for the run, try not to escape meals. 

Breakdown your 3 daily meals into 6 meals like this, three main meals and 3 small snacks (I can be bias! But the Vermilion Jelly will make a healthy, awesome snack for your to bring out for training on the go!). In addition, include eggs, lean meats, fish and green leafy veggies also some milk, fruits, nuts and soy in your dietary intake.

Never forget about water. Keep hydrated all throughout your exercise or even during your run in the Marathon.

3) Do not take your exercises for granted

There are perfect time and place to put your focus and mind. During your exercise focus on your goal and do not waste any single moment for you might not reach your ultimate potential during the main event in the marathon

Be serious on your exercise plan. In this way you are training your body to its full capacity. Nothing beats consistent training and practice because it is through this that you can achieve a marathon ready body and improve your stamina.

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