7 Common Causes of Knee and Joint Pain, and What You Can Do About It!

The knee is the largest joint in the body. It allows our legs to bend and straighten which in fact is a huge job and plays a big role for a person.

That is why it is important to take an extra care in maintaining it in a good health. But as people grow a lot of complications can cause the damage the function of our knees and joints. With these damages, we can feel the pain which can go to the most extreme one and nobody would ever want that.

Do you want to know what the 7 common causes of knee and joint pain

1. Overuse and Tendonitis

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Due to the constant and repetitive use of a tendon around the knees, it will get irritated and inflamed which causes the pain you feel.

A lump may develop along the tendon or the affected area will usually swell. There is another sign in this condition which is that the pain in the area will increase every time you move or flex the knee.

Tips which you can try on:  In reducing the inflammation and consequently relieve the pain you are suffering with, try to rest and apply some ice to your knees. It is also recommended to do some eccentric exercises, like hamstring drops.

You can also try to kneel on the floor with your feet underneath the couch to keep them in place then lean your torso toward the ground slowly.

2. Bone Tumors

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Osteosarcoma (second most prevalent bone cancer), most commonly occurs in the knee. The symptoms of a chronic knee pain are different for each person. Chronic knee pain may present as a constant ache, sharp, shooting pain when in use, and a dull burning discomfort.

Tips which you can try on: Take Time Off from Exercise and Rest. In this case, you need to talk to your doctor about some treatments.

3. Muscle Pain

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Straining or tearing a muscle around the knee joint will cause pain in that area and will usually call attention to a specific spot on the muscle belly or musculotendinous junction. If you pull or strain the hamstrings, groin, or quads, it will most likely cause pain around the knee.

Tips which you can try on: The best treatment for acute muscle pain would be cryotherapy initially, then moving toward heat and gentle stretching.

4. Stretched Ligament

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Usually, after a ligament is stretched, or sprained, it will not return to its normal shape and tightness. With this, your knee joints will be unstable.

A huge amount of swelling can develop whenever you suffer a ligament injury, like that of the ACL which can cause some dysfunction.

Tips which you can try on: Bracing it is the best option for this kind of injury. But you can also try to rest and put some ice. Make sure you will compress and elevate your knees.

5. Cartilage Pain

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It is a torn meniscus is the proper term when people talk about torn cartilage in the knees. Meniscal injuries are among the most common causes of knee pain among active people. It can occur during any activity in which you forcefully twist or rotate your knees.

The symptoms of this are clicking, popping, or snapping deep inside the knee. This usually happens because of a sharp change in direction like starting, stopping, and changing position fast.

Tips which you can try on: You can immediately put an ice bag on it if you already feel that you are suffering from those symptoms stated above.

And if the case worsens need to see your doctor in order to determine whether you need an MRI. This procedure will not only confirm a tear but will also let you know if the injury needs to be treated conservatively or not.

6. Arthritis

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As people age, the cartilage that covers the long bones, which is called hyaline cartilage, worn away and causes the pain deep in the knees.

It is expected that the normal wear and tear happens. But for some people who have overweight or is an obese person then arthritis can happen earlier.

Tips which you can try on:  Try to avoid full extension on those ROM exercises. But you do not worry because there are a lot of choices for any joint arthritis. You can try to have some heat or contrast bath, aquatic therapy, and gentle range of motion exercise.

7. Biomechanics

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Both acute and chronic injuries are caused by a bad form while performing any physical activity. In order for you to prevent the stress and strain on your joints, you need to properly execute your training and physical activities. You can always ask for assistance or a trainer’s guide for the proper executions and forms of your exercises. Remember that the knee should not cave in or go over the toe when you are doing some lunges and squats.

Tips which you can try on: Properly and carefully stretch the muscle involved and perform a non-weight-bearing AROM (active range of motion) exercises.

Examples of these exercises are sitting on a chair and raise your knee up to your chest, release, and repeat with the other knee. Ans if the pain is still there then put some ice then take a rest and revisit.

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