Daily Positive Affirmations: I Nourish and Satisfy my Mind, Body, and Soul!

I'm inspired to share this with you today, here's a daily positive affirmation that you can use daily. Try it!

I give my mind, body, and soul what they crave to flourish and in return they enable me to live the most fulfilling life.

I nurture my mind with imagination and knowledge and help it build attitudes of success.

With meditation, I visualize happiness.

Through reading and learning, I feed it new ideas on which to ponder. 

I foster good habits, confidence, and self-esteem with positive affirmations, repeating them throughout the day as the need arises.

I nourish my body with nutritious foods and exercise. Eating right gives my body the nutrients it needs for optimum performance, clear thinking, and a strong immune system.

Exercising relieves stress, distributes fresh bursts of oxygen throughout my body, keeps me in tip-top shape, revives me, and makes me feel good all over!

When I feel good and know that I look good as well, I have the passion, confidence, and energy to take on the world!

I feel as if nothing can stop me. Challenges become just a bump in the road on my path to success.

I feed my soul with a close connection to my Creator. I feel gratitude for all the good things I am blessed with and the wonderful things just waiting for me to discover and bring into my life. Every day is like a dance with my spirit!

Today, I choose to celebrate my mind, body, and soul and feed them what they crave, knowing that these things will bring me a wondrous life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What did I do today to nourish my mind?
  2. How often do I give in to the temptation of choosing junk food over nutritious food?
  3. Have I attended to the needs of my spirit?

If you like this, let me know! :)

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Daily positive affirmations