Daily Positive Affirmations: My body is Getting Stronger and Healthier Each Day!

Don't let your thoughts define you - they are just noise in the back of your mind. I'm inspired to share this with you today, you can keep negativity at bay and distract yourself with joyful and powerful statements!

We all know the value of regular exercise, but sometimes you just need a little pushing to get started.

Positive affirmations for exercise are a great way to push you forward into better fitness and health.

They are also a great way to keep you motivated once you get going. Affirmations are a statement that you make to yourself that you believe to be true.

My body’s ability to adapt amazes me. When I do my part, my body responds accordingly.

Amazing way to heal

My health and strength are increasing each day. I understand the value of health and take my health seriously. When I make my health a priority, I experience positive changes in my body.

I know that my health begins with my nutrition. I can only expect the best from my body if I feed it healthy foods and eat in moderation. I choose foods that provide my body with the fuel and nutrients it requires to be at its best.

I avoid overeating and maintain a healthy bodyweight.

I know how much sleep my body requires and I ensure that it receives all the rest it needs each night.

I find time to relax and minimize the wear and tear on my body.

I exercise regularly to ensure my body is strong and fit. Exercise is an important part of my life, and I know my body craves it.

Exercise keeps me feeling young, fit, and healthy. I make time each day for at least 30 minutes of exercise.

Today, I am committing to my health. My body is getting stronger and healthier each day. I trust my body to make the positive changes necessary for optimal health.

Your Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are three positive changes I can make to my diet?
  2. What is my current exercise routine? Is it sufficient to meet my goals?
  3. Do I have the body I desire? If not, why?

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